About, doesn’t present what the address really is for. Therefore, what this about is already is not safe because it is not located into what about usually is for you, people, audience, consumer, the identity. This must vibrate something closer to, to whom does this concern, and isn’t this interesting to the concerns it addresses? Then wouldn’t it be easier to say, “this isn’t about anything?” Well not about anything is about something and not about anything is still not about nothing, and this must not be about anything about how about usually is. Then about isn’t what these concerns are for, and about must have de-regularized what about usually is. About is never discarded completely, only placed in a new location for other types of light. As all words are the retention of what they are even if where they are is not usual. About is no different than that, except about is so specific, just like all words are, except about in this location contains the thing about usually stands in for, yet here is about without its stand in, as it is about completely naked not even with skin on. Here is about, itself alone, staring, stark, naked, unconcerned about what about usually is, and this about, which is usual for this moment is not about which is usually for any moment, which might make it hard on you, people, audience, consumer, the identity. But about isn’t about anything which can be about a thing. About here is about what about is and always was and probably always will be: it is about what about is to be about anything. Here is what about really is, completely is. It is completely about what about it is to be about something and this is not about anything anything can be about, no, this is about what about can be when it is what it is completely. About does something, but what about does is what about is, and what about is is what about is doing when it is not doing anything but being about as it really, truly is. Here is about being about about and it is about what about can do when about is being what about is without about being what about usually is when it is about something, which isn’t about anything, but about what about has been manipulated into being. And here about is what about is without any manipulation into anything at all. About is what about is, here, because about here is what about really is, completely is, truly is, and it is this about which this about situation is which is what all of this about is. To say it is about about is not it because this is not about what about is. This is what about is and not about what about is.

About also

this is about what about could do if about could do anything, but by the limitations of all these things, it is true, about could do something–a something, not so determinate, not so discovered, as of yet, but as about may find itself at the tail end of one half of itself the other half of itself, (its front), cant realign and attach itself again to the beginning of itself, a complete energetic exchange, indicated by some indication of a decision made. Whatever the criteria is beneath the criteria that finds itself beside and connected into the linkage of itself–is whatever those decisions are that have been made. These made decisions are what about is but what about is is still outside of the frame which connects linkages into self-made faces, which frame a space and display it with the shape of a backdrop made of space. This is space is for what it is for to be able to express space; space expressing space. What space expresses is what is shown and what is shown is what is known to a scene; as what is seen is what scenes are and these scenes are what is seen; if there is anything more than that, then of course, the seen doesn’t necessarily know the space it is itself as, therefore the scene, as always inseparable from the space in which it is shown  contains within it the space of which the seen are also–and also, (as a difference from being a part of but actually being also, which is so different than being a part of because being a part of is exactly what the shopping-center display case museum (a directory necessitates), part of a part wants psychology to participate in and perpetuate, through and through, as human psyche bought and bought human psyche participates, death is a rumor, the hospital is in a corner way back there somewhere, there are self-help books for meaning and meaning means something to someone who needs it, and that’s a place to start; but a place to start from where? From all the parts which are apart from the parts they are.

This, however, this is what is shown and what is shown is what is scene and what is scene is what is seen by the space of the seeing that is the space who sees what they see as what is shown, and there is no dispute over this, except that what the space sees may or may not be what they think they see and what they may or may not think they see may be a dispute to what is shown, to what is scene. Here is a scene, this is what is shown, what is seen is what is seen, and this is not a dispute. This is not thinking, this is the space before the space became a scene shown to the seen who sees the shown as a shown thing, and not necessarily the space–because the space is also the space that sees what is shown, even if the space of the thing show is not seen by the space that is seeing the scene. The scene always includes the space from which it is shown, but whether it is seen or not is indisputable.

About once again

This time about contains what it most sincerely resembles in the eye, ear, or general sensibility of resonance. In these ways, as occurrence, the motions are subjective by the outside who glances upon the window of what moves behind it, or as what defines the window looked upon. The harmonious resonance, regardless of attending to one object, becomes what generates experience, to remain at the so called “same” object in a durational-intention, is to also contain a muscle for the porousness of receiving transience as phenomena for continual educational benefit. The qualities which emerge are what universals fail to depict: dimensionality; as it is only through the lens of the he or she or she-he or he-she or it or us perceiving; now to bring across the laws of those architectures and archeological holograms is the skill of translation. To keep in tact the harmonic precision while finding a perfection of exact corresponding shapes and colors to retain the core essence of what the location, for where these frequencies emerged from, is up to the delicate skill of the translator. The funny part is, this tonality of verb-circumstance defining exchange, is at a constant. Some experience this as part of their relative human truth, while others seem to have no apprehension of this reality whatsoever. Some have lost touch with it and some were trained out of their sensitivity at a young age throughout a lifetime of lies. In any case, to remain at the porous edge where amoebic-versitility of appearance, perceptual-interplay radiates relational invite for work, is to know life at a value system of deep nutritious realisms that the more denser versions of communicative inter-weavings fail to address. Stay about the margin and information is an endless reception of nutrients for temporary more accurate understandings of what dialogue fundamentally (vertical-depth) and ultimately (horizon-branching) is; as soon as shift as mutual with apprehension-speed synchronizes (never quick enough) with amorphous collage objectively instants as singular-tint of the it itself is only (signifier), the more helpless orientation to space becomes a simultaneous mirror-projector, expression-communication of being and engaging. The view is never big enough and framed moments, after they are integrated instantly become artifacts, and having only a limit to the quality of possible inhalation, lungs can muster, the perceiver must accept the natural prioritization of information received as simply a reflection of time-space knowing itself in the singularity of precise and unique human experience.

Remain About:

sound a tame non-cloud, (and it is possible), is not misleading only a little oscillating in the detective novels of an admiring synthetic-web of another’s Dickens-familiarity; (there’s no wrong here).
Nevertheless, whatever escorts pleasure, in a foundational manner—closure is another part of the dimensional-fabrics which entertain fictional-affirmations necessary for non-debatable endings—one of the doorways in a fantasy-parlor of existence’s false provision, as real.
What then is the foundation air-hole for dilation which allows butter to escape? Or, rather what is there in forest-tonguing itself that propels and implements the rejection of a cardboard-finished containing all the justifiable restitution a population of deformed clumps can ascertain?
All this vast overwhelming enormity: each pulse stands beneath an infinite vertical drop and ceilingless with an equal horizontal expanse, causing
pressure for information’s incarnating dimensionality, potent
with oscillating indeterminate reflections, meaningful
poses of unfixed and sketched before pressed into production mode—the

awaiting finish stares at the wax later used.

What prevents this from becoming a bulbous of amorphous blob of splotches and situations one couldn’t ascertain as identifiably rooted to any distinction? Abilities
act as attempts towards distinction and these differences causes at least, abilities
to locate as reflection of limitation to where he

or she cuts off; these

ambiguous infinities
starve to reach through the text and unstrangle the grasp of its instantaneous reactivity in
another and if its succeeds, many
breaths throughout the steady gaze on a single letter in a single box of

fill in the blank___________________________________________.

The experience: perhaps overwhelms differentiated possibilities from the
undifferentiated (what Charlie Parker ushered)
material, now throw out the sky by accident or claustrophobia hasn’t caused the pimple
in the temporal habitat of memory as non-thought ignition pops. Feel

panic circle in. The open is one which simultaneously acknowledges the blue of the sky-world is formally an activity of differentiating among effect of device while appreciating the device as two parts generating sex. It is the union

which is the people’s right for defense, and keeps conversation between
nation and people


Language reaches through gravesites in search for a weed, where life may be identified in
any proportion—and this is the drive to know, therefore
limits of such a force are the confines of what might be recognized—individually
to discover these corridors of language, as children, is to gain a briefcase catalogue of the adult
issues developmentally flipping through shades may impress—by analogy
onto other
realities, objects: chairs. Objectified
talking, petrified wood, rendered when
playing in solidity of an ice-box mirror for parental negligence—or
less heavy, jokes, puns, riddles; digging
through vocal ranges does not equal
the world-briefcase as it is provided, that a shift,
analogous to a different type of paint burrows required
for a different capture of light, is necessary, and

equals, or fits occurrence between events, ideas,
objects, the forest which appears
through these displaced questions
correspond with a gap of light
as it enters,
at times we can smell the trail of what was left behind. Among

the most prevalent and persistent category of laughter
is that which recognizes and makes use of the false
balances of leaves and exits of traces and finishes of lights
and delights in the amoeba resulting from these dependabilities for


because we have forests we find ourselves in a peculiar relation to the earth, internet and daily situations which constitute, (constitution couldn’t contain), what
fantasy of a global-structure may assume—the

world has never been this large, why generate characters of a single notion, (democracy), and the psychological encapsulation a pill is taken to swallow and shown
generating in the struggle between forests and that which it claims to

depict or express as newspapers-shadow of the overwhelmed tractors of experience to read the vastness between letters in an article: t h e
apprehends uncertainty of an earth spinning, a moment too large, easily back to the bathroom

to account for all these studies to gain knowledge on the brain, and for the fire
drill of eventual inadequate acknowledgment of actual forest disappearing as an appearance in the described event of an outside world—where
guy gets charged with murder =

symptom of the negative space framing discussion of being
a breathing being; all then is
a performance commenting on the communication of its birth canal

affecting what happenstance causes another =
did you ascertain the information a non-violent

transmission has provided? The inadequacy of determining
disguises for the virtues of the unintended exposure of information
provides the worth for a name—reaching through the confines of molecular tadpoles
delivering conclusive evidence, that indeed
here is something beyond reasonable doubt.

The forest is one of the principle forms our curiosity takes. It makes us wonder. The questioning-body of having a life
not as a stereotypical bust of low or high grade water supply but of a gravity-type of an

itself is as pronouns step in and harmonize with whatever location a forest
is in when virtue by simply breathing
a non-negotiated space of mentalities are occurrence: and the world; balance
of the off-balance: homeostasis; density
in the mouths of these ever shifting tomorrows, again this

moment has and never will occur ever again.

The forest itself is never in a state of rest. And the apprehension of using how its colors are affecting inclusions of memories into the understanding of a floor without speech,
shifty in the necessity of remaining close to the skin of the carpet, gains
access to the active-part before it becomes another dictionary filled classroom of
psychological know-how, but

when it does, it does without ever placing a stop on the
continual electricity each window as it swims through what a screen provides.

The progress of a tree, or a series of fields: spatial-temporal properties: vertical and horizontal. The dictionary of a leaf in its belonged derivatives form from a material’s lateral reach
through contact points of neighboring households in an entanglement with

the statement of whereabouts as a reaching place to start from finger
nails drive to cut through context of the religions
imposed side of the metric/martrix which may contain a glimpse of contemporaneous
familiarity theory can never acquit while
historical reference and the slavery of mental-faculties can;

the reference is spatial but its summer leaves are colored with useless accessory
North Korean government and the people there
while air provides the ability for whatever may become tuned for

and how any of it is tuned in for
the development subjects the means to use weather patterns for justifying what leaves exits are made for

even leaves in storage, in the dictionary, appear frantic with
bacteria culture
as each particular mark propels upon itself mirrors
as definitional
constraints for attainable examples in the amplification of sound bites

ripping open the dictionary and splaying its guts
across a random asteroid of human body parts
turning to temporal significance we discover that the defining inclusions of

space-time, breathing, earth
transits/templates with significance never dominating
a procured splice of interwoven oval-hypes, definition

is blurry but the oval brings protuberance and hypes brings
over extenuated mass of specimen but fails
to constitute the factors relevant to the exchanges of non-
complete reciprocal

circulation not over-extending caffeine into the sequence for rampaging knowledge
in restless, desperate, attempt to gain production
knowledge on the arrival of rage and
its forest floor of gigantic growths of deafness, as long

as surfaces are heard gazelles can gather and sample—
all in the nature of the foliage to encourage
and in part to justify
such inseparable penetrating long long long longings about the notion of the forest

within the hidden sensation of the enraptured mummy
slowly melting each medium of attending to the pressure applied wall crumbling
knowledge freeing from the concomitantly strangled course of wet-sides—the

knowledge towards what drives a need to communicate, forests
of forests of the promised inheritance to procure a security in
embrace, bowing to altars of graffiti vomited walls

redeem satisfying as position with the essential non-conformity of this

essential identity between revoking and an object

that the substantial forest of a thing is immanent and present in its vibration, that chairs are numinous suggest that it is possible to find a forest which will meet its chairs with perfect identity.

If this were the case, we could, in communication achieve the at-oneness with
the bodies
we are via relaxed universe of particulars which conditioned distinctions of paradise to frozen lands of contemplated computer screen filled images—useless

trash also is food for people who live in it, all mental
health complete in its deconstructed paradise of plastic

Eden of the trauma bearing landscape not economically sound by
the sound of biblical proportions, knowledge of
animals and the vibrations emanating from them, virtues of a book
death immanence in name of the actual complication of ceremonies: traffic lights HIV
etcetera is a place

yet distinguishing of similar harmonizations can without category find locations
of dissimilar organizations the phenomenon of books
accord their functions within the synapses’ attribute of


structures-exact camera click shut—these similarities equate to measure the
diaphragm of a breathing posture—weave: every forest
a vast pattern-system of different occurrence, in which cultures
ordinated from, and categories personify, non-ly, only
communion with, but as
communicate from
analyzed parts of notices which construct types of

seeing and cannot neglect cloud busts of electric reasoning
as it builds houses from
consciousness and implants families to carry out orders of their projected
mass-lump of hay—the idea

too vast to conjure a phrase of weather pattern
changing identities in the view of the monumental newspaper
space of hyper-driven internet—block of dimensional speech—the sciences
equal to all spherical congruencies defining the unit
and the aspect of entrance for
patterned abilities to enter and unfold


bearing weight of systematic collapses
organized around the forest.

As if the rage to understand in respects to libidinous
initiatives seek a redemptive
policy with value of breathing—both are appropriate
in the need for humans to learn characteristic—but both

also appear in many aspects of reflected surfaces
to appropriate the psychoanalytic
of the eyeball
as it curves a cure in social proximity
when kindness may or not contain bacteria

cultures of the personal deterioration in the non-explicit thought
of identification for forests with power and knowledge a drive and
information that is non-political yet
in fucking union with it—identified with specifically

within the individual who is within the individual who is receiving the individual who is an individual as a forest of its own unconscious
and with its own separate entities of forest
passageways which only one of the unconscious aspects at a time
can snap away from—
repressed would’ve if allowed when to rise and does
the established symbolic order of capitalism, the forest

which destroys the forest has to—momentarily collapses, but
not at this moment, at this moment gasoline,
it is the collapse when gasoline and the tractor fill, it’s
outside this 3-D as
forest-receiving loses
ability to
keep back repressed walls and the Father

who fucked his symbolic purpose into the order of the forest’s wet
fluids snaps out of it and uncovers his gay and incompatible masculinity, a female
also as symbolic order in the forest-language of its corresponding lack of entity, mass
heap of energy

unweaving from the wet sides of the receiving-forest snaps off—
power dynamics transformer outside the window
a lack of hysterization geographically plausible light bulb for the dimness in this room helps
relieve doubt of outside forces i.e. air conditioning, but
taking for granite—and amnesia sets in
the force which
could destroy the directions of humanity taken in the

silence of the forest.

If the forest induces a yearning for comprehension, for perfect complete communication, it also militarizes against it in the window

between what one breathes and what one wants to breathe
or what one color penetrates perception with
or what perceiving functions when imprinted with light
and what one can
apply or what is a prong for a wall outlet, leaves
a collaboration and a desert. Now

delight in sinuous involvement with pens and pencils of forest
floor, longing to connect leaves to the
earth—to close the eyes between ourselves and chairs, and to suffer
against doubt and hyper-
anxious incapacities to deliver selves to the limits of
a forest—

the very incapacity for its relief to match the earth
allow it it to do what it does as medium for differentiation in distinction between the outside
and the internal undifferentiated and undifferentiated
forest of breathing floor room and the tractor forest of the mass
undifferentiated differentiation of money—multitudes

of unimagined completions exists roaming containments of
things not-fixed in the facts of their closed lips—and fabricates the
facade of being non-affected, the character

in the movie died but the actor didn’t; a
central activity for formal forests
in being-self as distinct from forms of questionable revolutions harmonizing
difference with various techniques of weather pattern—the
multiplicity of possibility in an articular clairvoyance of sound-shape-parallel


what cannot fail the operative attempt
matching significance, mirror
precisions, not clone
difference of the dimensional structures to distinctly attribute integrity as
met in the glance of personal and

interpersonal dynamics with all things appearing separate—the
forest-gap remains non-dualistically


Because about

There is little difficulty in a notion of conceptually placing one’s own language and the actions-in-the-outside world as happening simultaneously without the interference of hierarchical prejudice, such as bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, placed in relation to newspaper symbolization of real-outside event of what was real-outside-event, however those things may be unrelated outside-actions are to our behavior, there doesn’t have to appear a contradiction between the relation of one’s own language and outside events to be illogical.

None of this may alter outside events. However, these bubble-wrap slashes of grown up are events—that are also along with events in the outside.

The location of newspaper, as past, and present of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up can find themselves inhabiting beneath the ceiling, under the lid, of the same place.

Conceptions may alter oneself and being, and alter one’s sense of the outside. The individual instance occurs while self-reflection/ing, as:while, and also alongside, and being—in the act of; while also outside and whatever that is, is occurring, and one is outside of another event, regardless of how it is prioritized within the hierarchy of defining history.

Positing this stance on relation as a relation between and the outside as also an outside is not necessarily fanatical, it’s specific and individual—and isn’t the same as political action but could go along with it whenever.

This one long line is a mass of actions, a production of activity, in one line continually.

Now after that, we do not know what was happening, outside of that moment, except that this too is now a moment talking addressing what isn’t known outside of this one too.

There is only us at this moment, anything else, simply is not this: these are not these words, as the words read;


Nothing else outside of this.

And having read this, this doesn’t save anything or anyone. It does propose that the individual—who is with this—is in action, is within engagement, is action; present as en-presenting, unfolding, nowhere else as movement; alters you.

River and mountains of cities for a dam of pollution covering the body of the sky from which a (fish-airplane swim-flies and fades beneath the eye’s horizon), after: which is now, slumps back into an ordinary river, air, and land; cars, people in cars, buildings, people in buildings, and people walking down sidewalks.

To allow un-fixed conditions to result as imagined entities of exchange, as optical sight, as temporary phenomena and also imagined as generated from the insight for a need to subvert the illusion of fixed capitalistic-determination; to allow this, requires a space of leisure, a space not identified nor acknowledged by our country, a space that keeps a culture healthy, and its people happy.

The need for a demarcation of space, for transition, for acknowledging differences in phenomenological existences; death, as what has died, and that which is dying, too different stages, two different phenomenological existences, requires appropriate demarcations.

Bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, is different than / bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, and yet / bubble-wrap slashes of grown up becomes only what it is as different from bubble wrap slashes of grown up when no longer in the existence it was in, as indicated as / bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, but bubble-wrap slashes of grown up remains in yet a 3rd space of which it has its own life not related to the first bubble-wrap slashes of grown up nor its difference of / bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, but its own. Its own as outside the existence of those two differences, having an existence of its own, where it is alive in relevance to the cosmological force of its continual information as it appears and is perceived through the activity of this present-movement.

Though my friend is dead, the friend that is dead talks to me, but he is not my friend who died, the friend who died is gone, and yet my friend who died is who he is in the present, gone: but a liminal space of phenomenological complexity, an existence of life, talking to me (not in words but presence). I don’t miss him; I feel him present.

Will he die once everyone who knew him dies?

The relevance of cosmological difference as experienced within perception = information from other time-places that vitalize the nutrients for this.

Dogen’s theory: all times exist separately simultaneously.

What vitality is in occurrence now?

What vitality is in occurrence in relation to all spaces as existing at once here, that is different than without relevance of these differences? A difference of physical space, one is in, and mind-space of conceiving the space this is all happening in; interplay, liminal-interplay, limitational-interplay.

A kind of relation to others and the outside world, in the activity of perceiving this, is implied. Whatever plain of happening that is in occurrence with perception at this exact moment, is only what this is, and is happening simultaneous to other plains and times, all as unrelated actions to actions happening outside of this, as this mind phenomena of being right here with this changes the space this is for what it is to perceive it and change is now in occurrence in perception and physical reading-space as what it is which is only happening, right here, now, as an outside to some other unrelated activity somewhere else.

The mind and the body, different, sky and land are different. Beside each other.

A relation going on at every instant.

This as a unique space as different from reading this and perceiving this, but, bubble-wrap slashes of grown up / bubble-wrap slashes of grown up: where you are, here with whatever it is. A movement

that took you here that is taking you here now that is making an extension into a prolonged sensational unfolding of experience = present unfolding, duration of remaining in similar experience as a moment prior. Time in this is time of being alive, and this isn’t a movie.

Dreams can contain two impossibly existing things happening together; now this is a movie.

There is self-refection and language, and self-reflection never touches or exchanges with physical action in space—yet it makes reflective exchanges with physical action in space as an inclusion of experience. The whole thing of physical world and reflection happening at once. All of this read is occurring in the phenomena of mind, where all that is occurring is occurring within it, as also affecting yourself outside of it, and this is outside of what this is here within it, which enables a profound space; the liminal

bubble-wrap slashes of grown up


all part of the same place but different, all are of a different space, and different spaces can communicate between each other, if they are porous in perception enough, or have the relevance of cosmological experience available for receiving the vitality of particular information.

Bubble-wrap slashes of grown up

is a porous exchange in each difference of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up to / bubble-wrap slashes of grown up

paired structures as difference of sound as governed or implied by /

giving a sense of weight and lightness, shades of spacial interest.

Social-spheres: a dealing of relations and interactions between differences, including other different types of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, maybe / / bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, etcetera.

Nature is us as in, we have self-reflection and language, yet nature and language are not the same, are outside of each other, except that we are nature to the degree that we experience the fact of it, not the conceptuality of it, and we are then nature-that-has-language.

Does all of nature have language, but we simply don’t experience it?

Bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, a structure that is a relation and interaction between spheres in spatial apprehension, and so is / bubble-wrap slashes of grown up.

Bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, contains characteristics of an affect with an implication of sound to the outside, not characteristics outside of it, only associational possibilities of its functional properties, addressing what bubble-wrap slashes of grown up relevantly addresses as found in the experience of reflecting upon it.

There is an occurrence in this, and in the duration of it: bubble-wrap slashes of grown up.
The outside of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up is the faculty of sensation/perception/cognition it conjures.

Bubble-wrap slashes of grown up contains no time but that which is before our eyes. What divisions are there here? Only an opening for a phenomenal space for one to exchange with.

Perhaps there are afterimages that now appear, a sense of things rolling up from behind the sequence of what is in occurrence as of occurrence itself, containing relevant shards of information, implying sound.

An accumulation opens and inhabits through continuance, bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, may appear to merge only separated by the appearance of another bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, apparently a new bubble-wrap slashes of grown up—or perhaps a reiteration as a list of times bubble-wrap slashes of grown up has appeared, as building apprehension-contents of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up itself.

Everything captured within itself, the same as our reading. A pressure of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, as structure for apprehension actions, into this, a structure becoming what is now later, as continuance through space, there are thousands of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up making an action, a thought, a color, a song. Mirroring: continuance; the exchange to the outside and the experience of what occurrence when here provides:

bubble-wrap slashes of grown up
/ bubble-wrap slashes of grown up

talk to each other, see that? There is a space open for communication at all points if identified.

Bubble-wrap slashes of grown up: a space allowing self-reflection to incorporate everything at once simultaneously. Bubble-wrap slashes of grown up produces what was/is becoming incorporated as what is ahead of this moment, grounded in a sound of what is unfolding—becoming what is ahead of itself—each bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, a string of horizon, without above or below or middle by recurrence of perception as the string which tends to the bubble-wrap slashes of grown up is a horizon created by whatever elsewhere it specifically with focus generates within the limitless, boundless space, of self-reflection.

Motions which cannot be mirrored in self-reflection as what is in occurrence in relation to the limitations of one’s seeing, bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, and remains not in people’s events, but in the specificity of this same-time occurrence; a sequence within the mind of individuality as coming apart and holding mind-formation simultaneously; all a gesture of sequence-experience, and to see this and to receive it as medicine, as nutrients to the relevance of the cosmological orientation one is currently in communication with; information.

Phenomena seeing phenomena.

Impermanence of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up as meltdown in acknowledgment of self-seeings’ ending, in the present. A kind of hologram in unfolding of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up as individual bubble-wrap slashes of grown up generate duration—nearly a duplication of intrusive similarities; DNA code, structures resembling each other but all creatures are diverse from each other. We are activity from outside in and from inside out simultaneously. It is as if outside is currently a hallucination of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up while bubble-wrap slashes of grown up inside is the clarity of what isn’t randomly seen; all now becomes luminous insight.

Bubble-wrap slashes of grown up now becomes a national report on global warming. The structure of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up contains an introduction, prologue, and a director’s note. There are interruptions, extensions and meditations which go before and between bubble-wrap slashes of grown up and / bubble-wrap slashes of grown up. These sections allow rest by variation in order to renew one’s apprehension for insight, and concentration. Another element of the structure of bubble-wrap slashes of grown up is the absence of footnoting, there are no indications of footnotes happening. The absent footnotes begin to extend longer than the original bubble-wrap slashes of grown up, and non-existent lengthy footnotes causes one to turn back to the bubble-wrap slashes of grown up of the connected non-existent footnote the previous bubble-wrap slashes of grown up had indicated, so that, there’s a need to remember which bubble-wrap slashes of grown up was left-off at, and reorient one’s apprehension, then turn back to the next moment or phrase in the non-existent footnote, turning ahead towards it, and so on. This active presence becomes sustained attention, a holding of sounds in an air of silence, an inevitable letting go and adjusting, allowing the original bubble-wrap slashes of grown up in motion as one’s attention on it becomes lost before one finds one’s way back to resuming bubble-wrap slashes of grown up again. Bubble-wrap slashes of grown up exchanges with a cause for an activity to hold onto a place in space as energy of comparing that place/sound/thought to other place/event/sound of occurrence; enlarges us. Bubble-wrap slashes of grown up becomes/became a transience of life in its reiteration, being itself as the sustained attention taking place. Bubble-wrap slashes of grown up is the imagination creating, simultaneously as life-form outside, all around us, and the outsides and insides collapse.

About Re-up:

Let them complain; we are what we are; yield accordingly, assert necessarily, pull up our socks, tie our shoes, get shit done – then, don’t do, rest; tomorrow again; let them complain; remain teachable; stay within zone – extend towards ourselves, we are people too; keep going; tomorrow let them complain; remain learnable; pull up trousers, zipper up, clean; become tired, rest; tomorrow….let them complain.

Beauty Appears About

No one knows beforehand what will about a new color of experience, yet beauty appears as radiance of an analysis as result of a thing emanating as occurrence in experience, contains the constituents of events and is the alteration of whatever else may have appeared in its location.

The significance of a flashing icon moving from left to right across a space relates to the beauty of the color of the transparency of the body who encounters these shapes, who simultaneously experiences the objects they are.

There is a space among objects on a line moving left to right that indicates the reality of a language function, the way a human reminds itself of its own humanity, a sense of the real as an affirmation of moving-space, as if space would be able to, or simply does, see.

Beauty can appear from what constitutes as around an object.

A picture of a Hopi star-man in a frame, a picture, makes a vibration, a place to put attention, a transmission.

Time may appear as an object. The 2 dimensional line of a text which separates intention from what is perceived by an outer-space (you) is the same space between exists in with all objects, an ordered/syntax/succession/unfolding/placement/adherence appears a person, or we, a people, as in what apprehends depends upon liminal-capacities of a muscular development; an order of recalling, substantiating/semantics, concretizing, seeing-knowing, and integrating—

available, then for the next immediate, rapid fire birthing-energized-space.


Particles, sound-bytes, functional units, as registered/apprehended makes a realistic continuum, in how the space between relates to a third, hypothetical event, as what becomes—as how rainbows beneath a frame admits a spacial possibility for continuation of a human possibility on the other side of the glass, a thin space for feeling as identified by the material constraints of a body, from which perceived order appears, depends on having a recognized felt sense of relation.

A line forms from a body typing a voice through which no sound of the words occurs aloud, and no other sound other than the occurrence of now attributed letters, formulating syllables, then words, can pass.

This voice is a feeling of recognition without a situation attached, without dreams as known in ideal exaltation behind consumerist glass, selling a simulation of an idea to an Other who, due to the function of consumption, appears pre-perceived to receive the expected experience (a simulated experience); generating a supply and demand loop that fulfills itself before it is conceived; the machinery of being human providing a reliably machine oriented world for our dreams.

This event could occur in this location, however this single line differs from pre-conceived particles, as it does not follow the neurological pathways of a reifying confirmation for what it is to straighten directives by inducing their capitalistic transparencies for ownership. Instead, syllable-by-syllable the length of a line becomes the inhabiting structure for an unfolding experience, indicative of the not-yet identified curvature of space, soon to appear realized. See

a relation where no language has yet to exist and a spacial recognition flashes from accidental linkages during the space-of-between, and as this occurs, objects are magnetized to join the status, which embodies what cannot now become denial, a color never having existed a moment ever before, and now, we can use this color.


Someone painted the star-man, rainbows surround his body. Looking upon the image, we can locate the relation of objects to each other, an induction towards learning occurs. The image of the space it recalls, creates a beauty as an analysis of reality for learning—time remains suspended as a hole containing a width and height as duration of apprehending—as feelings change, the energy of a birthing situation continues with transparent objects of phenomena—realistically, a surface of identification appears as particles of information as spawned from recognizing the space, such an image corresponds with—fulfilling the elements of what it is to experience.

A particle, after a particle, even if sensation calls it a rush, unfolds across left to right, magnetizing bodies to it, light gravitating towards the light behind each word appearing here providing a shade for understanding whatever is seen by whoever sees it whenever it is seen for however long it appears to be so.

Meaning has murdered these possibilities with its materialization of a third dimensional misunderstanding of landscape-vibrations—if

it is seen, there is a voice speaking as an image of a star-man, and what it speaks cannot be contained by the confines of its language, but rather emits transmission to whoever experiences whatever is experienced when it is experienced, to re-enter into it is to re-enter the space of not-yet-experience.

Now distinguish a home from a house and understand functionality as a horizon of lines appears from left to right, unfolding its way, through the symbology of our differences, acting on a word, animating it to flicker a sensation of sequences becoming perceptually perpetual in an order of becoming-perspective—making one large structure for relation, creating a scale of order, a body of form, a measure of space, a proportionate attribute of reality, a possible human experience designing the space from which it appears.


What relation there is between time and the rainbows appearing around the star-man’s body may be found in the duration of apprehending what experience is transmitted as, no one is doing anything to anyone, the affirmation of sunlight without a physical star present, or the sound of wings from a winged-creature, which is not present. To see an unfolding trace of vibrations glow, as a nature of color before it formulates into difference, a feather of a trace from a ground without a solid base, empty space emanating a frame for following function to completion, as a pathway for later examination, an underlining thread of unfolding lines appears as a hum of continuation—this

animal of a syllable shape, animate-living-space, as phenomenon, as experience itself, without a body, before conception, or understanding, a self-existing color pertaining to the inseparable laws of between and its corresponding attributes of space and object, the liminal consciousness of incarnating reality on-as-being—out of which

appears a star-man with wings surrounded by rainbows—

left to right these words are read; the transparency of content provides a dimensional interface non-symbolic but actual to the light-behind-the-eyes of the human who corresponds within the depths of reading light—appearing

from light of the words unfolding slowly across the screen of content of being what it is to read anything appearing appears experience—

of light the location of placed apprehended value on close attention to what grows the distance from you to some distant spacial number, expands all sides into darkness as a color appears from between—

manifesting a realistic time—what a horizon of a line generates, a transparency of living, while you
look and watch the screen as a muscle of reading, the relation between spaces of semantics and the utility of syntax creates an absolutely specific singularity of phenomenal material unique to the quantum of what is in occurrence—

to share this, would be too soon, to remain in the oblong-elastic depths of this non-plastic concrete song of epiphany harmonics ranging the dimensions of being—is to become living-gnosis, stay with this space as it is what you are writing as what is appearing between what is emerging and perception will dismantle, is dismantling, the criteria of what it is to be considered human, and light recalls the formation of being anything—becoming

an experience


Here is the body of a person.

There are rainbows around the body.

Time is the spaces between.

Whatever is seen is relevant.

Outside of what is not seen, does not exist.

Unfolding from space, what built the space for building an experience, a temporary location of what it is to live.

No one is making a line between the space inside a location as a line of words unfolds across the screen. Moments are born from the result of a movement of color. Shapes of a multitude express flight and emulate gold-bands of rainbow-light—a measure

which cannot become considered void of, is a hybrid stance, its simultaneity, of human yet vibration, of stillness yet in-form—the person surrounded by rainbows is a horizon made of words, an oracle of ordinary life, nothing turned towards or away from anything—

meaning has devoured the beginning and flows into different emotional receptors, what appears is a description as a shard of sound, the content within it, the result of apprehending space between itself, objects surround, a body is made of a multitude of them—in a sense of this an emotion flows open and contains synchronicity as it is fluid, a focus of time through the body of sensing color, a perception as an experience of being human—more

real than ideas.

54 thoughts on “About

    1. O wow! thank you so much! I really appreciate your energy and presence! I love the dance you’re into and would love to learn more about it; I have done similar things; contemplative dance, authentic dance movement, mudra space awareness, Schlemmer’s theatre practice, african dance, and some others. I look forward to reading your blog, thanks a lot 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I don’t consider myself a private person, in that, I have a personal ethic of abiding in continual exposure in an ongoingly public manner. It is a practice of course, I don’t necessarily always know where I can step forward and open one step more than previously until it is reflected, and then I see and with awareness attend towards the possibility. There is a quote: “There are no secrets in the village” – Malidome Some; he’s an African shaman. And this sentiment really speaks to this ethic I’m sharing. If you want, we can always talk via email, just let me know, and I would be more than happy to generate a correspondence 🙂 thank you, thanks again!

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  1. WOW an assault on the senses… just swiftly skimmed through halted skimmed halted… what a rush, left me smiling with the joy of it. I certainly don’t “get” all of it, and I love that I don’t… the flow of energy is enough ❤

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful world by liking my post. Will make time to "feel" your future offerings.

    Lots of Love, Light & Magic,

    Hayley 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Hey there Orpheus. Thanx for checking out my stuff. What a powerhouse of muse you present. I’m looking forward to diving into your stuff. I say diving because I see your about deep immersion. So I’ll be back with a strong coffee sometime, then I can really plough into your wares and do them the justice that they deserve. The beat rolls on here, clearly!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your insanity is quite refreshing… like falling into a fast flowing river swollen with snow melt, I was breathless and being tossed about by wild currents of supposition until I found the clear channel through all that tumult. Once I dragged myself out dripping and mildly confused however on the other shore I felt invigorated, alive and satiated.
    A manifesto worthy of song, it amuses me to imagine a room full of academics scratching their asses over that one

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Slaps knee and laughs, or cries. It is hard to tell. When writing this brilliant gets the recognition it deserves, we will not need it any longer. Certainly though, we will still enjoy it.

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