vibration numbers of a series of exposure to elemental forces no one can explain however if allowed into experience—and the shock an exclamation encapsulation full of everything necessary for learning in an instant of time, now cuts a hole and delivers a book no one can read, and as the book is read, it’s information […]

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Voices of the Leaves

it’s raining outside down upon the inside to create a point of enclosure and as it does so the vibration of this procedure is felt in thunder and known from the sky-lion who looks at us from the side of the jar we are the containment-becoming-within, as jam-packed falls of cloud-filled water infuses us into […]

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Beauty Appears

No one knows beforehand what will about a new color of experience, yet beauty appears as radiance of an analysis as result of a thing emanating as occurrence in experience, contains the constituents of events and is the alteration of whatever else may have appeared in its location. The significance of a flashing icon moving […]

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gentle the call is made and is found in the brain as it transmits frequencies undisguised pregnant with children and their lineages of thread-line one at a time, a bundle is uncoiled and energy within reveals, unscrolling, tied-around-posts of paper, unsealed, energy is free to meander inseparable from the information it had concealed, information which, […]

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Vibration Differences

did you know that some people carry vibrations other people don’t? consider that, and consider what kinds of implications that has— transgender is an obvious one dyslexia is another but there are others less obvious, here amongst us, listening as their sole way of making decisions in life

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Non-Losable Desire

horse hair has cob webbed these corn fields too long and finally— an airplane noise has ripped through the vine grape robed in sardonic purple, finally un-curtained, glares from nipple-hard briefcase-centers of table-wood knocking and sends chills from vibratory mountain-slides—those pincers suggest upon dust-haired difference a distance meets—and makes among an equator, and then, there […]

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jasper are rocks red in color rocks beside me now, red rocks full of a dark reddish color a thick red tone on the body of the rocks, red of the rocks of our skin when exposed or of monthly exposure, rocks which sit beside me and listen to themselves redden before each color, thick […]

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storm drains collect tanks of glass with each finger pressure surface rise pimples of the neck-mountain with a swan let’s check mirror vibration rear-a-view review staircases okay hold on tighter than where-abouts seat belts try to argue twin the hang up hanger of clothes loose bolts show their muscles as cartoons escort toilet water to […]

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