splice chances rolling flies tape worm reeling out spines easy morsels tasty when applied tongue gorge-film rights an entire wonton noodle courtyard countdown scenario order shock patrol clone to focus motive load of cargo offer rest assured burn mark escort crater old markings to the hoard of bees implied in these absent trees please print […]

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Don’t Wait, Cut It!

Is there something missing between these milk crates, slit with slats of seeing stars up ahead, or perhaps nothing at all but an emotion standing in foreground—tall fountain focusing thoughts through binocular, trees appear at brow squeeze lemons’ furniture advance in the brushes, rush-strokes it, stoked fires made by the chameleon, who in the observatory […]

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Message by Crow

a text message ding is heard from the bathroom where my cell phone sits on the sink and waits for me to answer it with an attitude connected to the bones of the person on the other side, if I hear their voice I understand, and if their voice is replicated in a message by […]

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Lives A Worm

the pale tornadoe distance in the turn key haunts the river shape eye hole of cities yet lurking through shade in the umbilical summer permanent trees lives a worm taller than any building containing thunder in the belly of its motor air no one can recognize it as it has mutilated its gender away from […]

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Catch Fire or Die

because the side of the screen that is not a knot is in the foreground— each precision kept in the mind-frame of what cloudless-festivals potentially remain at home with when touched in registered places, or having not known basements, triggers, which isn’t unclean, but necessary tickles for window surfaces to rub in the undeniable dislocation […]

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Palm Reading

the hour held in a colorless spectacle of undeniable plenty rings through a forest of bones which are used when perceiving these twinkling percentages dazzle upon cloisters of unforgotten sound each dimension-triangulate and simultaneously reverberate river-bed without clouds blocking dormant silence hidden beneath tone-rock-grow and unfold moss made mold bolted lightning breaks free from its […]

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Unstolen Light

unstolen light remaining without a grip in the palms of palm line-humans the whole tree too many on earth not enough breathing left to make houses yet homes grow within or struggle against the fold oxygen contaminated in fascination of breeding airplanes triple lane surgeries intervention scissor-in and mantle-meanings straight to place, simultaneously places dismantle […]

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Worldly Decisions Yet Matter

I’m not holographically, sound again the shrapnel of told-what-to-do-policy all takes its own membrane-unfolding, a piece of paper showcase of gold behind the gold teeth in the encyclopedia biting history in half its guts run the world until no world found, obliged to step around corners of the world found into their absence, we stand […]

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In The Song Of

morning jay sits in the song of a tree who sings of a world full of Frisbees where sugar-people throw and catch wind and reveal to the children of the cloud-people why sweetness is the nature of their skin, comforting chairs of half-memory and tables of broken-thinking, the earth continues in a handful of traffic […]

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