a mixture of context flutters across the zoom music formulates response allowing beauty’s touch— enter and scatter waste across streets to find birds pecking at their dentist gaining entrance in grocery store outside the apartment one lives in even if temporary the body as it is holds what it contains to breathe who it is […]

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Clarified Motivation

there is little watch-tower significance to these hours considering how each of these parenthesis within all of us is as temporary as our lives are start again never a movie nor video game operative abortive discourse carries too many viral placenta-serenade to tweezers out the removal dust-pans carry, we’ll need a shirt-sleeve lack of resistance […]

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Justification Equals Shoe Laces

mirror mirror on the wall equilibrium occurs, guns are temporary solutions it’s okay it’s hard to comprehend that our species is as deformed as Styrofoam waiting for a friend in plastic who’ll help re enforce the stockings with marriage and carriages full of pay checks and days which resemble precise values as governed in our […]

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