splice chances rolling flies tape worm reeling out spines easy morsels tasty when applied tongue gorge-film rights an entire wonton noodle courtyard countdown scenario order shock patrol clone to focus motive load of cargo offer rest assured burn mark escort crater old markings to the hoard of bees implied in these absent trees please print […]

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What You Chew

I just made chocolate chip cookies, you want one wish I could hand you one right through these words and place one in your extended hand or straight into your open mouth, do you mind if I do— simply providing an opportunity to taste each and every clump as it may slide over and beneath— […]

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have you noticed, this isn’t a scream but a mere whisper a shrunken elf a moaning chair a broken stereo outdated pharmacy co-pays haunt houses no longer a tenant for notifications stalk the windows search for a mouse behind the screen email spam folder please, no I wouldn’t receive on time operations need to know […]

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