Of These Things

walked around the geese pond today with a smile of trees standing round my face the world clothes and nobody of the scene from the streets of yesterday for I have finally fled the scene I was applied to for 6 months quit the job now here in Denver until tomorrow at which point I […]

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Waters Speak

do you believe in money it is part of our everyday life, if it weren’t you wouldn’t be reading this, somewhere out in the middle of Alaska off-grid hibernating in a book jacket written to cover your life, the phone is ringing upstairs interrupting this wave of car-tire, but if the waters speak right, we’re […]

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concrete startles a seam, does it not appear to shake the foundations of tomorrow as it puddles across the terrain of the eyes in search-light desire, but cannot find the missing link to the species of its electricity the fire of it beneath the surface of stone of it remains awake but its torrent, a […]

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Wind in a Palm of Sand

daylight cuts a hole in the wall walks in without permission castles fall from her hair and splatter across the carpet where I sit and nibble on a slice of yellow cheese holes in it appear skin decays before our eyes looking down into a canyon a cactus grows lonely and old, who hears its […]

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