rolling tongue as gutted on roller coaster cons a stand for quicks on a gripped percent landing shape in muscle of toner portraits space formulates grains of what sandy types are loading a distance pouring rain, then cloudless, a soon to snow and pound the days to soon as a sky of days with cold […]

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headless space in endless burning eternity crystalized harmony information as knowledge’s epiphany catharsis of human psychology as it runs down the spine incarnates into the body complete integration on the spot reality in human form

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I am in the glare of a harmonious window of meanings protruding with seldom broken glass for false interruptions un encumbered by bothered enunciation without numbers or pillars of Gregorian symphonies the holy proceedings which arrive without denomination are in fact intact star arrangements constellations as vowels of proclamations houses of alphabets undetermined by their […]

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Into the Pit

clouds behind faces sway and skies appear from behind houses mountains behind houses face what fades away grey appears in front of what remains calm, chase what was and designation makes a name on a body-claim, nothing left but a fading stain a broken day a smashed iron-plate grains of sand email and propane tanks […]

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Beauty Appears

No one knows beforehand what will about a new color of experience, yet beauty appears as radiance of an analysis as result of a thing emanating as occurrence in experience, contains the constituents of events and is the alteration of whatever else may have appeared in its location. The significance of a flashing icon moving […]

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Climate Change

what are these pieces as they twirl from nowhere and drift into spaces then an iceberg breaks rolls of laughter continue, as they miss and don’t care whether they are held or known by anyone at all, they tumble anyway, and nothing appears to grip the sides of the canyon wall as it snaps off […]

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Afford Here

space takes life out of thought in the brain, drags the carcass, of what’s not focused far from…, while what we are attending to— mountains and a beautiful canyon, a large gorge covering three states, guess what it is appears, we stand on the edge of the cliff and look across to the other side, […]

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Donut Squish

a consistent semicolon follows this body as spontaneous-combustion circles from both sides of it and both sides of it are touching the open parenthesis of past, to the left, and future to the right, providing a sense of walled in security but not a security of ceiling fans or utility bills till I’m 80 but […]

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It Matters

it doesn’t mean, when time is over it’s suddenly not matter, which is concrete, a wall, a thick splotch of hand-slapping metal— it’s not suddenly without material, mass, or substance as it moves and untwists through spatial corridors which expand and contract and dimensionalize accordingly, but rather, how it adds up, what it equates to, […]

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Black Hole

I live beneath a ceiling, beneath a type of weaving, where stars are placed by gravity into the centers they pertain to, as found within their magnetism is a refection of where they attend provided they are suddenly yearned for by empty space, as if they were waited for they find their way, and are […]

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