splice chances rolling flies tape worm reeling out spines easy morsels tasty when applied tongue gorge-film rights an entire wonton noodle courtyard countdown scenario order shock patrol clone to focus motive load of cargo offer rest assured burn mark escort crater old markings to the hoard of bees implied in these absent trees please print […]

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O My Society

dinner out tonight and the garage contains a beep from a dismantled fire alarm, it still makes sound in the brain regardless of what thoughts are think of the machine and pop goes the weasel right under our breath fresh air, gains a sip of clear, filtered water, yum, yet still hungry, pumpkin weather in […]

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The House That I Built

computers help inform a documentation of every moment’s pulse, glow in the dark, continue on refrigerator, it is possible the road will appear up-ahead, but until then it’s Sunday, and clothes hang by the neck of appreciation from family, you should see the backyard, and the cans of soup poured down the drain, the cleaning […]

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