Of These Things

walked around the geese pond today with a smile of trees standing round my face the world clothes and nobody of the scene from the streets of yesterday for I have finally fled the scene I was applied to for 6 months quit the job now here in Denver until tomorrow at which point I […]

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Message by Crow

a text message ding is heard from the bathroom where my cell phone sits on the sink and waits for me to answer it with an attitude connected to the bones of the person on the other side, if I hear their voice I understand, and if their voice is replicated in a message by […]

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The Blue Kachina

interval intermission custodial banquet necessary for prep-time standing around in circle-oval’s turn-around especially quick, geese fly off at night, heard murk-smack markets across cloudless-crow-footed cheeks, aged and cold, spider-human waits—not long from now a blue shape will return and we will cease

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dew covers moss slowly healing from drenched evaporation helps alleviate a medicine cabinet does not equate, in fact no one will ever know muscles unbuilt the cough finished air finally returns to what it was before humans

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