a mixture of context flutters across the zoom music formulates response allowing beauty’s touch— enter and scatter waste across streets to find birds pecking at their dentist gaining entrance in grocery store outside the apartment one lives in even if temporary the body as it is holds what it contains to breathe who it is […]

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dreams of the monument formulating responses within procedure prophecy regurgitation into bottle resold at discount price dice roll chances on a single taste of asset purchased food—necessary but now all gurgled in the hemisphere—as what choice does the garden work in autumn, how’s that parachute over the balcony setting into city-season again for eras yet […]

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Cannot Deny

blindingly this hurl is thrown upon and shaft-of-reactivity appears in the worming of its faceless cringe the you in the you-turn of these jarring elbows, hinge-snap

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does the commander of each part contain as much ingredients for blueprints as a jar of tomato sauce from actual tomatoes here is an actual tomato says the boss refrigerator door opens nine forty pm sank in the delivery truck hand of a mouth hunting for factory leftovers after plodding the day long course away […]

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