rolling tongue as gutted on roller coaster cons a stand for quicks on a gripped percent landing shape in muscle of toner portraits space formulates grains of what sandy types are loading a distance pouring rain, then cloudless, a soon to snow and pound the days to soon as a sky of days with cold […]

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a wall hits and split ends to the minute each takes and their un-lived dreams’ splintered in halves, and what emerges between stumps of bodily fluid and lack of progress, nothing haunting the thin-lines, thank goodness, but grease smears and stains of un-nibbled turkey, how pumpkin spice and splash across a terrain and leave little […]

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the dishwasher makes a cry but no one attends to it except the fingers who are responsible for these cloud formations of affirmational-mirrors, not just for anyone, but as a telepathy-raining through sunny-day potentialities legitimating factor of how a lemon suddenly squeezes its thin nostril hairs passed the opening of the door as it whittles […]

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It’s a full moon tonight in the rivers of our daylight with as much shadow as can greet water, we may retain the rays of our craters, the currents of our thought, the cast of photons transferred across shade beneath the hand which cups an ocean and the lines of sparkle that bend in the […]

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Live-In Care-Giver

what is expected of a tamed lion, should it remain as an open emotion without words attached so the throat just wobbles (like the time I kissed a girl who just left her mouth open) like death to all human rights and no one should explain their gender faculties to the immobile courtroom of denied […]

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