Ordinary Tuesday Morning

At seven o’clock I brewed some coffee, waiting for it to finish, I stared at leftover pizza— I decided to eat straight from the box —like beautiful birds of old, or like the mouth of a miracle. It was now Tuesday. Standing in the kitchen, a lonely water drop rippled in the sink. The first […]

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All Happens Once

or as I blink the world is a thing as it is found among pens and a scissors the briefest of a pause between air and what lungs do especially when not noticing the leaves in a simple wind heard of buffalo march across Yellow Stone, a replenishing act caused by scientists more-the-better and fertility […]

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Now You Understand

small in ear cupping earth in it window are you surprised rides over cliffs valleys mountains no I can’t explain it Mozart isn’t that funny running against grain rice pizza everyday if fantasies could mutate reality dirty fingers clutch cheese grease slides off people clean up after him no that’s not the case the real […]

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