rolling tongue as gutted on roller coaster cons a stand for quicks on a gripped percent landing shape in muscle of toner portraits space formulates grains of what sandy types are loading a distance pouring rain, then cloudless, a soon to snow and pound the days to soon as a sky of days with cold […]

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Don’t Wait, Cut It!

Is there something missing between these milk crates, slit with slats of seeing stars up ahead, or perhaps nothing at all but an emotion standing in foreground—tall fountain focusing thoughts through binocular, trees appear at brow squeeze lemons’ furniture advance in the brushes, rush-strokes it, stoked fires made by the chameleon, who in the observatory […]

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run the closet of these wall paintings hangings of a serious nature, humors eye-gland, gradual dis-or-how to approach, these earth-clock kelp plodding along with teeth-robbed— all voice in an aquatic nodding shop-chopped at the gull-matter, kept bracelet, each-has-each, star-drunk, Mars on, each of a silver-divided fish-scale, whale-bone, easily- agreeable non-reconcilable side dishes, fish-sticks up from […]

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Watermelon Seed

autumn approaches in a car horn in a drop of wind storm in window complaint escape with one smudge gone, evaporated, dandelion drift of flour on the roller beneath sunset-dial of rust-made clenched-jaw line up and down up and down on the piano scale in search of a perfect fit of shapes in the allotted […]

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Old Age

Slowly erasing a hand from the clock with each golf swing. The grass needs mending, a little behavioral check up. Routines of such swings with stethoscopes placed on the chest of windows, its important to answer honestly, but at times when schedules blur under the pressure of lawn-care and sport-balls, the world can retain composure […]

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What Color Is

On other side of the hello this necessary because does happen, we can dance now, I know it’s hard of hearing when aids aren’t in proper place, like how the hell did he spell hell, etcetera. We need formulation, fortress, inclination, distress occurring when beacon can’t rally all on board frequencies to their shuttle. This […]

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