cars outside the continuance of nighttime people talking around a table an airplane over head

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Wait Right Here

nothing can touch a finger-tipped point of equivalence but the sound which they are met by, requiring outside pane of window shoe of lace-snow snoop of pine-rose pop-corn to-and- throw over-board cut-throat dynasty sort through board and rope mulch placenta-lettuce climbing incapacitated ladder which sells us dental plan kind of formulation porch-fed malnutrition, wrestling clock-worth […]

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What Inhale

zero count down are you on or what’s the problem where’s the drill-bit, what’s the deal heal or heel before the sign-post, time has split ends and the voices of both sides are becoming louder, yet inseparable their tethers spin, their post at the center of everything stands unswaggering, here comes the wind, how will […]

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Growing Old

a splotch won’t move, yet take it by the hand and sway, whatever scissor delivery spasmodic tinker-shank glottis circumnavigates out of the funnel makes room for distress pixel and this is noble even if strange, irony a membrane, mole-hill, anti-climactic, pre- saw knowledge, cutting the un-made, never persevered correctly jam saturating lung capacity to move […]

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truck without denial outside sifts through garbage, and while refugees scatter matter remains at hand what hands are forming rocks toward release, throws of which are made and return as cash * we make to meet ends living and this helps tremendously, the planet dying, party black-out over the screen in the brain of reasoning, […]

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