Fluid Through Nouns

sift through memories what non-isolated non-identity has fluid through rooms of the bones of the inhabitant of the house of the air one finds oneself as in and if these things are hard to perch upon bird wing in metro-congruent recipe for doves then what score on what closet as focused hair style as the […]

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Other Side

compass toward directions of the multitude of exits with skin on their bodies, we are not absent of them, mortal man, but we are on the other side through the fingers and eyes of this one, and we shall whisper secrets, earth of the other side must know, and they who are us must also […]

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Truth In Human Experience #3: Undermining Distraction: In the Direction of Profound Transformation

It is true when we slow down and use our human self-reflecting mechanism of cognitive-awareness we are able to see through, penetrate through, the veils of our own suffering, and stored tension in the body, is able to release, and cellular functionality can learn new ways of exchange. In order to do this, it is […]

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The One Up There

clouds in the eyes of an oriole strikes a spider away from walking off the table and falling to its doom-reaction nervous system on parental control helps keep the fecal in matter of fact keeps the day at its point and many still go to church with all its Sunday and there‚Äôs family in the […]

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