a mixture of context flutters across the zoom music formulates response allowing beauty’s touch— enter and scatter waste across streets to find birds pecking at their dentist gaining entrance in grocery store outside the apartment one lives in even if temporary the body as it is holds what it contains to breathe who it is […]

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Information Vitality

I know you might want to hear something which resembles the intelligence of our times is a simulation of what knowledge actually which one, or its duplicate as governed by intentions to bring about a necessary reactivity from those who drink from its fountain/s, as school is in the sides of who else profits from […]

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Get in There!

upstairs he watches movies of ghosts and having not had dinner or having had not yet dinner, dinner awaits somewhere in the grocery store unbought by these filthy fingers, checking out vegetables with unattached notions of coupon potentials, a quick scan of the barcode tells you everything— rodeo music haunting the seams of yet another […]

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Below the Ceiling

Hear a sound when reading this and there is zero translation until what corresponds is only what ever has become a mechanism too de-sensitized to not watch what isn’t TV the words are below their meaning

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Viral Windows

music upstairs has resume its sound, its noise the color of the radio, the silence over a fabric of skin fabricating what skin does when skin encounters itself in different form, formations of these windows explore what formations of imposed windows have sold themselves for, who purchases the cell are the one’s who find a […]

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War Enters Mind-Hooks, Pulp-Cysts

at the risk of skunks, myth marks tempters, wiggling sown dust-nymphs that perfect knifing glob, suds sylph bazaar-vetch tinkling soft plush wynd, a stench links box-club hymns astral bereft digs on cumulus pyx as the blind donor slurs, dry garb egged-foghorns curl by adamant, reverent, gongs hurl rynd- stabs pebbled with sorrow hums, dry as […]

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crystals contain information necessary for air to see from transparency of being able to inhale properly and exhale exact lung capacity, slowly building archer-range, bows a new and looks towards horizon, and spots a target focal, one attending moment upon each draw of light, gently placed land-holding upon dent in the cleft of force-patience as […]

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jasper are rocks red in color rocks beside me now, red rocks full of a dark reddish color a thick red tone on the body of the rocks, red of the rocks of our skin when exposed or of monthly exposure, rocks which sit beside me and listen to themselves redden before each color, thick […]

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Sitcom-Corpse Still Talks

a quick sip of coffee keeps company with acrid haste, cars and highways in the veins, bile building cities out of rubble, migrants who simply can’t escape, breathing beneath soil of an odor of free-time, luxury, paid vacations, for few, legislation for sick leave, critical corners back saliva before a door is signed off another […]

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