Proceed Accordingly

glistening table top turn key style variety echo chamber passport now clutching golf course focus with total appetite towards sharing briefcase manila folder filled with cow bones notice directive suits in chandelier chopped liver arrangement of airport custodian districts river bed their semicolons to toothless town in the distance a fog roll settles over mountain […]

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Honey of the Shaman

drink or sink and slide along these ridges— mountain side humped camels of a smoking seam marginal— makeshift frequency rides rivers of canal and igloo responses, ponder lopsided varieties in a turquois fountain turquoise mountain everything builds to sea-saw marvelous ant-hills, the un stone-solid deer-head over a mantle piece headdress dancing around 50,000 fires of […]

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moving away from this space, took a load over today, over on Monday, then Wednesday going to mountains to mountain cabin in woods with animals trees and unseen beings of the sky are being of the one-heart-mind-life-pulse continual reality zero doubt enters moving across landscape space of the look without tone region-age, moreover Monday then […]

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and the embargo on the un beating-stillness of the enraged vibrations of being begins to break apart at its seams when words penetrate further than comfort would apprehend and dive deep into the psyche where hidden walls pretend to stand as tall as mountains and as they are touched they are breached a gentle thread […]

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Into the Pit

clouds behind faces sway and skies appear from behind houses mountains behind houses face what fades away grey appears in front of what remains calm, chase what was and designation makes a name on a body-claim, nothing left but a fading stain a broken day a smashed iron-plate grains of sand email and propane tanks […]

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Incomprehensible Sides

night sky fills the veins of this living-breathing mountain side, hunched looking through a glass pane to the other side of the earth’s surface peopled with lives the world can’t comprehend, eyes of scenario dazzle in their tanks and draw thin-breaths, their lips thick, bruised, black

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Do What You Must

come back to this later when the day is over and fulfilling its cup of split-hair decisions to prepare a dinner for the cut-throat of these boats which sit atop an unsinking mountain, pink chandelier elephant ear necklace neck-ties traceless paper with etchy sketched tape worms working day and night left overs crumbs emerge from […]

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Afford Here

space takes life out of thought in the brain, drags the carcass, of what’s not focused far from…, while what we are attending to— mountains and a beautiful canyon, a large gorge covering three states, guess what it is appears, we stand on the edge of the cliff and look across to the other side, […]

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Palm Reading

the hour held in a colorless spectacle of undeniable plenty rings through a forest of bones which are used when perceiving these twinkling percentages dazzle upon cloisters of unforgotten sound each dimension-triangulate and simultaneously reverberate river-bed without clouds blocking dormant silence hidden beneath tone-rock-grow and unfold moss made mold bolted lightning breaks free from its […]

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