Ordinary Tuesday Morning

At seven o’clock I brewed some coffee, waiting for it to finish, I stared at leftover pizza— I decided to eat straight from the box —like beautiful birds of old, or like the mouth of a miracle. It was now Tuesday. Standing in the kitchen, a lonely water drop rippled in the sink. The first […]

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Each Other

attachment is poison of trash bins awaiting a knife harvest in necessary cut-out of all preoccupation with self-made-whatever the hell it is is hell in another form known silence of the body and all its motions a house of these types a city of countries on a single continent the dragon of breath and air […]

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Naked Drinking Black Coffee

Every morning I drink coffee I sincerely enjoy coffee, naked- black coffee, not being naked of course, wearing clothes of course I sincerely enjoy black coffee naked without anything in the coffee, simple black coffee, I sincerely enjoy simple black coffee with nothing in it, in the morning while wearing clothes, while wearing clothes, I […]

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At The Office Today

marching through costumes of parades’ hearing administrative staff you know what result compassion undoing strand tension tendons musculature laughter continue gearing un-wolf fear advancement nothing pertaining to anyone particular forest beefsteak singing shout custodial marginal storm drains barking

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So Peacefully

the earth goes to sleep so peacefully with its gentle eyes closing, white flowers in the sun’s dream of photosynthesis with the morning, in a house after shadow house, in a hurry of money, proper, to kiss commercials our noble helpless fool awake O the mind of the world is a concept truth is a […]

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Hello Again Morning

spoon fed operatives check point sentences hello again morning toy chest flue syndrome fearful tucked in belly lull of something smells bells when church roams Xerox-copy there must be procedure properly elbow table telepathy another strange and twisted email

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An Essay on Healthcare

Negative space of a house where the body of the fingers who must attend to these, and is now as these here in the ear of the eye of the one who, thank you, other side of these extensions fidget inside brain canal of the you who are this now thing of the middle-we-all-are without […]

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8 o’clock wake up

uncoiling cemented shacks in the psyche-evening forever-palace of marginal toothpaste, slides along to another nub-stop, pulse continuation always even after body has fallen off earthly existence specimen of this unfolding farewell hello here are balloons, people floating on escape passports tethered to rubber-surface, run and froth after turn of the key locked out or shut […]

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Brief Text Message

I’m feeling you a lot this morning slept in and had powerful vivid dreams really wanting to be with you no one else will ever know what these things are slept in and had powerful vivid dreams dimensions and information no one else will ever know what these things are owl-mug, books, lamp, the guitar […]

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