Of Now

star gazing through replication of space as each tapestry unfolds the bolts of the doors lose control and all becomes reality silence filtering vibrations to null allowing life to flow in a multitude of directions, skull-head, the mantle-piece of all possibility-window, the complete enclosure, enshrouded naked at computer type font proclaiming proclaiming proclaiming, neighbors silent […]

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moving away from this space, took a load over today, over on Monday, then Wednesday going to mountains to mountain cabin in woods with animals trees and unseen beings of the sky are being of the one-heart-mind-life-pulse continual reality zero doubt enters moving across landscape space of the look without tone region-age, moreover Monday then […]

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Outside Dog Yelping

outside a dog yelps, it’s becoming cold, the screen between the world and the room is available with its open-holes of patience, the un-armed, open-calmed cross-roads of life so dearly, so uninstitutional, the dog outside yelping

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Halloween Rant :)

We will come to your door in costume, ring the doorbell, and speak a code in attempt to receive sweet-edibles. Our parents do the best they can and love us dearly, however, most of the time they suffer from tremendous worry and terry which is stuffed away in a closet no one can look at, […]

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Lunch On His Breath

hear a whisper in a door open and break is over with lunch still on his breath, his boots shake the floor and creak sleepless entrails of air stuffed belly of a growling location, no one is allowed in, nor more details on the whereabouts of hamburgers or what kills the heart quicker than taking […]

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Waters Speak

do you believe in money it is part of our everyday life, if it weren’t you wouldn’t be reading this, somewhere out in the middle of Alaska off-grid hibernating in a book jacket written to cover your life, the phone is ringing upstairs interrupting this wave of car-tire, but if the waters speak right, we’re […]

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Avoid Heart Disease

it’s nighttime and I’m drinking black coffee nothing in it for something in it could clog our arteries and give us heart-disease and we could die early in life, and this is something unwanted and desirably unattained by not putting creamer in our dark, black coffee

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grace escapes the fading scene and limps on into this frequency of unstated desires, unwired reverberations designed to set fire to what is heard when what is caught is a light from some distant past latched on patch-work paddles for dear light towards a mile-stone while the stone turns to mud and shine dims to […]

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Vibration Differences

did you know that some people carry vibrations other people don’t? consider that, and consider what kinds of implications that has— transgender is an obvious one dyslexia is another but there are others less obvious, here amongst us, listening as their sole way of making decisions in life

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