Fluid Through Nouns

sift through memories what non-isolated non-identity has fluid through rooms of the bones of the inhabitant of the house of the air one finds oneself as in and if these things are hard to perch upon bird wing in metro-congruent recipe for doves then what score on what closet as focused hair style as the […]

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to commingle around orchards of sound to allow afternoon breezes to windsweep you in the arms of imagination to hear the whisper of an oriole become a friend and know infinite dilation sun-bathes at the center of what never ends in the belly button where you become undressed by sunlight and find fingers in skin, […]

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Nor Am I

I am not in a motion picture about a world in search of a pass-code that could save it from nuclear disaster, nor am I on tour in front of millions of salivating tattooed porcelain fiends, who use information— a spying mechanism to become close to me, to close in on my features and use […]

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Rat Shack

grey outside today side of the fence side of trench-passages of which side of the lens depends on seeing, who flexes, indents, disguises, perhaps applies for arises and sends off to dawn-trot a loud-speaker reason-feeder features of bird-beak to treat-tricksters bent on hell’s-plot, sign-spinning do good-doers amongst kind-folk who find friends in fun-places, star-struck, grown […]

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Learn or Go Mad

migration with its occurrence a sign language for the country-fried, who cannot decipher how to read anything before their flame-buried-eyes, smoke waves but nothing is registered behind regulations are only threatened by the rattles of cages containing ingredients for a super-vaccine, to clean the debris of ecology friendly frontiers that claim, all this baggage has […]

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Real Doors

real doors are not supervised, yet two woods take time to meet to find those places which are indeed supervised, or they wouldn’t have met in the first place, but real doors are real doors and remain-so and help when the time comes for the wood to further enter themselves entwine to inevitably discover that […]

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Sketch of a Friend in Grey

strings stretch across guitar and healthcare important issue important sentences ring-a-round the old friend doesn’t talk, a cactus dry, yet water occasionally please, then but phone of course off at this Grand Junction friend was a cat last night, same thing you were doing mirrors and stuff drawers laughter and packed or will in May […]

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Friends Up There

I sat back and declined to mention anything having to do with expectations for I would like to go out to dinner with you and we could talk more openly without windows’ hearing aid persona—the one loved the one who builds context from everything everyone does for him the one who stands in a corridor […]

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grey junk what remains un-drawer pod of palm without extension chord satellite wireless, hello ell o signal broken, cracked in demolished zone, tears-clouds, distant friends

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Focuses’ On

zero shape for suffering within sockets of electric wiring helpless neurological friends help each other accomplish wind paper-rain lost receipts something to do with cleaning, as it’s not monkey costume relevant in reality but monkey costume necessary by description, to keep warm mouthfuls of low-sodium low-fat salads and zero ham, mesmerized by a calendar-drift as […]

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