splice chances rolling flies tape worm reeling out spines easy morsels tasty when applied tongue gorge-film rights an entire wonton noodle courtyard countdown scenario order shock patrol clone to focus motive load of cargo offer rest assured burn mark escort crater old markings to the hoard of bees implied in these absent trees please print […]

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following depths as they shape across a line of which contains dimensions to temporarily inhabit, can’t help but stand within the archways of their mirrors, hear me hear me an echo shouts from nowhere for fun-house walls shake reception to the voice made immediately known— this will not last forever this, human these are colors […]

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Message by Crow

a text message ding is heard from the bathroom where my cell phone sits on the sink and waits for me to answer it with an attitude connected to the bones of the person on the other side, if I hear their voice I understand, and if their voice is replicated in a message by […]

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Grass Feeding Plains

spots mock motor-glow moseying through crock-pots of curly-queue wearing smocks, gloves, and a curfew—curtailed to merge wormwood with ring-tone forest-floor, the rear-a-view hodge-podge continues see through groups forming fulcrum courtrooms, few have ever seen, spores grown escort corners to their mortar built splenic-feed, fourscore films funny beach scene, sandy shores bleached by white steaks, heat […]

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where will the tunnel emerge from in this house of time’s drippage, water escaping down corridors of forgotten sound, noises rumble in an adjacent orchard tempting while ruminating upon legions of unforeseen coasts, to lean on a forest costs what is not easily knowledgeable to any means of public definition, the scattered membrane-window eclipse-blinking scissor […]

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Inside countless fordable sorrows in this picture of Frisbees as the fall from oil cloud-ovals with lips and forest surrounding moisture of a rain-fortress hollering at me to enter and find treasures tucked in walls of cave dwellings, cave paining reverberate telling me locations never seen nor heard by any atmosphere, when dark falls over […]

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