Of These Things

walked around the geese pond today with a smile of trees standing round my face the world clothes and nobody of the scene from the streets of yesterday for I have finally fled the scene I was applied to for 6 months quit the job now here in Denver until tomorrow at which point I […]

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Cannot Deny

blindingly this hurl is thrown upon and shaft-of-reactivity appears in the worming of its faceless cringe the you in the you-turn of these jarring elbows, hinge-snap

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if you were here in hear it would ponder it would break laptop smash sofa it would take garbage collect reindeer fire-hydrant mish-mosh bit of static-elastic and tin-pan for a donut hole in the ground out collage-vomit, vehicle for parenthesis, step over a line ligament define each particle of gravity gravy waves sloshing mixed cement […]

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Face The World Today

time to face the world today with our face the world clothes on and our naked ways of approaching the nakedness of the day, the day with clothes on, the nakedness of what we are wearing, and the wearing of the day as it approaches us hello how are you doing

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When Is A Friend In Matters

day clothes night clothes face the world face the world clothes face the world mirror pace cooking meals he won’t eat forget about nuances of what any of it of what any of it windows, two of them space to do this space to make-love hear it hear it encrypted by broken pieces thinker filters […]

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The computer fades to black as it softens into unconscious-ebb, suppose this allows for battery to moisten, to allow a moment for pause. Inside this exact possibility of circular depiction there is a face of somebody the computer in soft-ebb, surrounds what it allows there is only one conclusion, the conclusion of what lives inside […]

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un-trained marks escape through forests fenced in with tension wanting to break spaces for doorway possibilities of breathing, but fists grab time and swing it over shoulder and walk on toward sunrises dis-respected sunsets simply wind-down now to count till the moment comes when clouds part and stairwells appear from the eyes of the distance […]

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cell phone calls as they pile drive to a café meet a friend and the next moment carries on its back a giant with a lotus hat and the blur of time as it sweeps passed as a pen was used then dried of ink the sidewalk becomes street cleaned and the glass I could […]

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