a mixture of context flutters across the zoom music formulates response allowing beauty’s touch— enter and scatter waste across streets to find birds pecking at their dentist gaining entrance in grocery store outside the apartment one lives in even if temporary the body as it is holds what it contains to breathe who it is […]

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Please Mention This

following a graph may help the necessary who in need of guides finds fingers in un likeliest places luck as it strucks upon likes of the many tin- boulders hammered with hats and prepared for folding-olders into a bus-ket, kept up as well continue and the world on not-of-commands’ sake frequents the bar tender chicken […]

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jam box relocate waves of the talking- cooperative- agreement each makes when entering diaphragm- rivers of contraband materials escape slowly forming reference holes in the point which never moon equate iodine silver platter assured coagulates against grain wheat manages never entangles within sodium hesitation closing around the document- fist fornicates plastic surgery with tooth beaded […]

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now enter and dislocate thought before its swollen hole the storm of swarmed margins experiences waiting on periphery, claims hardly ever shared bombs have taken away the popsicle sticks of marrow the ones which had chance at access codes to deny sunsets from exposition but Hollywood reminds us reminds us reminds us as ice-cream becomes […]

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