Of These Things

walked around the geese pond today with a smile of trees standing round my face the world clothes and nobody of the scene from the streets of yesterday for I have finally fled the scene I was applied to for 6 months quit the job now here in Denver until tomorrow at which point I […]

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in Denver drinking black coffee at the end of job-limit the world contains more than what more can contain in a simple phrase of everything slammed into itself, the whatever this is that is now appearing window houses all reflection, non- distorted I am not fooling you, as blank staircases arise from non- eroded eyes […]

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the day will come to a close in a fan blade bending into a purse and the wallet in there containing credit card forks and knives useful for scuba equipment in the kitchen where a spatula learns to fly and the refrigerator recites the alphabet but it’s not midnight and there are turtles surfacing from […]

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Ode to Colorado Economy

it’s cold in here today and the warmth of the sun is tucked away from the world behind clouds of storm and thick thunder anticipating light from a streak caused by friction yet never occurs * sitting here watching the sky laugh a twinkle of corn cob hat yellowing dandelion sweat stench of life * […]

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