a mixture of context flutters across the zoom music formulates response allowing beauty’s touch— enter and scatter waste across streets to find birds pecking at their dentist gaining entrance in grocery store outside the apartment one lives in even if temporary the body as it is holds what it contains to breathe who it is […]

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welcome and take seat in this chair of mighty moments that plenty rest the necessary mind and relieve it of social control, finally finally a type of exhale which is allowed here in and now upon the placement of the gentle place touched by applying simply fingers onto non-brail rail-light lurching after train departs upon […]

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Please Mention This

following a graph may help the necessary who in need of guides finds fingers in un likeliest places luck as it strucks upon likes of the many tin- boulders hammered with hats and prepared for folding-olders into a bus-ket, kept up as well continue and the world on not-of-commands’ sake frequents the bar tender chicken […]

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Inhabit It

it’s true I could continue to do this day and night until I do not so I rest so I breathe days beside it and watch it rest and know I could inhabit it and die there and lose all sight while days move by and I would become what follows

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New Things

learn the things we learn the things we learn and we continue to grow and learn new things we continually learn new things we continue to grow

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it’s true at times there’s nothing to say, yet each pulse continues on, as each thought or emotion takes shape, and soon action requires the body to enliven to suddenly move where movement was different than the moment before and this is when things begin to happen

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About Re-up:

Let them complain; we are what we are; yield accordingly, assert necessarily, pull up our socks, tie our shoes, get shit done – then, don’t do, rest; tomorrow again; let them complain; remain teachable; stay within zone – extend towards ourselves, we are people too; keep going; tomorrow let them complain; remain learnable; pull up […]

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Indication Of An Absent Sidewalk

choice stands outside of time unrobbed by it waits for a movement towards direction if direction is the indication of the absent sidewalk heating with tension and droning with traffic aorta in a yawn then its obvious how to walk and enter without becoming stolen – it took along time not to become kidnapped to […]

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lizards ripped from a box on the floor squirming for a pop-tart open-moon mouthed agape needing cow udder please plug hole computer outlet wounded bleeding everywhere no that’s psychological prison bars tomorrow Holmes’s final verdict drinking green tea wait how did that not interrupt has a tantrum challenge of wind when locked up extending tongue […]

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Amongst Cavern Significance: Continue

seams address marginal apprentice stair inclinations harpoon the dentures yank the ceiling disguises flies off while tuxedoes encode zeros hold a hand out palm horse feed neighbored gasp gasket asterisk paperless payment bill quote collective directive here hello mirror glass charade spin drift water piano embrace wage the layers of cake spread fish sticks and […]

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