cars outside the continuance of nighttime people talking around a table an airplane over head

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a wall hits and split ends to the minute each takes and their un-lived dreams’ splintered in halves, and what emerges between stumps of bodily fluid and lack of progress, nothing haunting the thin-lines, thank goodness, but grease smears and stains of un-nibbled turkey, how pumpkin spice and splash across a terrain and leave little […]

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Last Echo

a vulture pries apart the last echo from windowsill glistening a piece of gold to the sky cars rush toward the ceremony in which our metallic-fingers lift dirt computer-sun splits from under moist tongues; a roof yanked from an axon myelin sheath blinking in the shape of a nervous, dying neighborhood, puss fills small earthly […]

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Corpse Among Crumbs

our days are numbered— it is impossible to see but our hours are corpses waiting to become the settlements we have found and are now munching on something elsewhere now becoming a corpse among crumbs, it’s late to feed a horse some hear the call and are moving their unconscious along at a pace resembling […]

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A Single Iota of Higgs En-Human

a car rolls passed the ears of an end date fruity and un-shakable salt in containment-facilitation, to speed up the transition process, injection-owl, a quick taste, a double-shot bubble-gum blow to the semi-circular disk of what the non-shotgun did to the arithmetic, exit-holes of the miracle-made, without question— but where to go from dark into […]

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I Hand You The Keys

vehicles plop out of fingers and spill their hush across a wire rim-basket ants canvas the parking lot with their shoulders twisted top-knotted hair-screw easy style for garage repair maintenance car-zoom off a stop-sign in its muffler, achew did someone sneeze there were whens in the when-house, when the when-house was a was but now […]

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Give Me A Machete

this too is now falling apart look at all the holes look at everything everyone ever promised all right here, all right here with large, giant, holes look at all these undeniable holes the holes which stare from the holes which watch from the holes which spy on the holes which see by the holes […]

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The Substance of Information

crickets are talking in the ears of a mouth made of many people who sit inside it and point their tongues at the walls and make sounds of cars as they pass in and out of each other’s bodies like the ghosts of intercourse after sticky-sweaty appliances pull apart and all we got is peanut […]

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