rolling tongue as gutted on roller coaster cons a stand for quicks on a gripped percent landing shape in muscle of toner portraits space formulates grains of what sandy types are loading a distance pouring rain, then cloudless, a soon to snow and pound the days to soon as a sky of days with cold […]

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Of Now

star gazing through replication of space as each tapestry unfolds the bolts of the doors lose control and all becomes reality silence filtering vibrations to null allowing life to flow in a multitude of directions, skull-head, the mantle-piece of all possibility-window, the complete enclosure, enshrouded naked at computer type font proclaiming proclaiming proclaiming, neighbors silent […]

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a wall hits and split ends to the minute each takes and their un-lived dreams’ splintered in halves, and what emerges between stumps of bodily fluid and lack of progress, nothing haunting the thin-lines, thank goodness, but grease smears and stains of un-nibbled turkey, how pumpkin spice and splash across a terrain and leave little […]

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Opens Wide

it’s a rainy day and the reins on the clouds continually sweep aside all conventionality in order to extend a light on the pavement we find ourselves walking through cars and buildings eyelids and grass blades, the front lawn, trimmed a couple of weeks ago, and the sprinkler blow out happens tomorrow, I’ll be at […]

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O My Society

dinner out tonight and the garage contains a beep from a dismantled fire alarm, it still makes sound in the brain regardless of what thoughts are think of the machine and pop goes the weasel right under our breath fresh air, gains a sip of clear, filtered water, yum, yet still hungry, pumpkin weather in […]

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Lunch On His Breath

hear a whisper in a door open and break is over with lunch still on his breath, his boots shake the floor and creak sleepless entrails of air stuffed belly of a growling location, no one is allowed in, nor more details on the whereabouts of hamburgers or what kills the heart quicker than taking […]

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Waters Speak

do you believe in money it is part of our everyday life, if it weren’t you wouldn’t be reading this, somewhere out in the middle of Alaska off-grid hibernating in a book jacket written to cover your life, the phone is ringing upstairs interrupting this wave of car-tire, but if the waters speak right, we’re […]

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Small People

it’s not political only clichés on a line selling small people their minds through sowing machines nope it’s environmental not even mental nor oddly mental or any metal type of meaning, which can penetrate the walls of thickening cloud hurting words through small hole bursts to prove a point departure does not wait for command, […]

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gentle the call is made and is found in the brain as it transmits frequencies undisguised pregnant with children and their lineages of thread-line one at a time, a bundle is uncoiled and energy within reveals, unscrolling, tied-around-posts of paper, unsealed, energy is free to meander inseparable from the information it had concealed, information which, […]

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