Fluid Through Nouns

sift through memories what non-isolated non-identity has fluid through rooms of the bones of the inhabitant of the house of the air one finds oneself as in and if these things are hard to perch upon bird wing in metro-congruent recipe for doves then what score on what closet as focused hair style as the […]

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Information Provided

appearance arrives within this strata documented and easily grasped and as the slide along continues along the grip begins to fade what were those vegetables among the carrot patch floating in and out of turkey stuffing a formula with repose oceans of responses sudden floodgate open lips move as they motion shades of trees follow […]

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following depths as they shape across a line of which contains dimensions to temporarily inhabit, can’t help but stand within the archways of their mirrors, hear me hear me an echo shouts from nowhere for fun-house walls shake reception to the voice made immediately known— this will not last forever this, human these are colors […]

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Time Spill

split wood down center piece tree fold both eyes forensic research, this intake inhale retraces steps until days splatter run-in upon pavement scatter birds from domain name exhume posture poses of statues circulate navigation chamber board of trusses compromised

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homeward sitting on a carpet parts apply to their missed appendage gain, then seek, another pasture—something urban haunts groping laundry furnace management—I’m not thirsty for winter’s long appetite but nonetheless highways shoulder their scorn from neck-tie down the dreary apricot early mourning signs of river-bed dries tightening up loose ends, nettles begin to pick their […]

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Liminal Orthodoxy

clouds cover the strip of skin called a throat to unbolt lightning from the door of thunder can be for some, stretching beyond the limitations of muscular-appendage, ripping the seams of time where time needs its own breathing, left alone while bumping into mirrors, the impossible swells like a crucifix making itself known to the […]

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Daily Interaction

the night circles of bird tropics and pears festival carrying cargo sewer drains pharoses lonely boats escort snow men adrift valves deport elevators relinquish cardboard boxes duty loose nets of fishes scramble maple tree syrup protrudes useless cartoons understanding what’s scary

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an obsidian mala, a faucet of water, a house with backyard mowed grass, a table-rooted yet a wooden-river, a road of memories curves, moves on, swirls, and arrives now the gentle flow of stars or an unburied whisper, front-lawn with eyes closed welling over with oracles in each pause, a single presence in a surge […]

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Condition Now

to not suggest what this computer has in store for us as it keeps us posted at each ebb and flow of what occurrence constitutes upon each and every second of this unfinished wave mountain peak nudity of the seam the sound of the source of each pulse butterfly wing spread open sunlight lie back […]

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