is what is unseen and remains present and true below all surface, surface a shade of it emanating upward out of the depth into a dimension as created by the light it expresses itself by simply being alive and what it expresses is a world a dimension a realm and in those places are beings […]

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this is not war-torn-territory or UFOs descending upon our parade, nope there are little reasons to consider this isn’t a cup of coffee or anything strange outside of this brown table for a desk, nor the black tea I sip from within a Pepsi emblem plastic embrace, the world seams, a donate of itself to […]

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Hungry Ghosts

it’s October now are you surprised how quick did this autumn sneak up behind us and grab our spines out of our lives and begin to twinkle them in the gaze of an infinite being challenged by perception to gain a glimpse— it only remains conceptual to how many know of their existence, and the […]

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Unstolen Light

unstolen light remaining without a grip in the palms of palm line-humans the whole tree too many on earth not enough breathing left to make houses yet homes grow within or struggle against the fold oxygen contaminated in fascination of breeding airplanes triple lane surgeries intervention scissor-in and mantle-meanings straight to place, simultaneously places dismantle […]

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Donut Squish

a consistent semicolon follows this body as spontaneous-combustion circles from both sides of it and both sides of it are touching the open parenthesis of past, to the left, and future to the right, providing a sense of walled in security but not a security of ceiling fans or utility bills till I’m 80 but […]

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Real Doors

real doors are not supervised, yet two woods take time to meet to find those places which are indeed supervised, or they wouldn’t have met in the first place, but real doors are real doors and remain-so and help when the time comes for the wood to further enter themselves entwine to inevitably discover that […]

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Of Water

a cup of water hides beneath a table waiting for a sip, the cup of water waits, unused, un-sipped the water un-sipped simply waits, simply anticipates to become consumed, to become a glass empty of water the glass beneath the table waits to be sipped, waits for the water of its contents to be used […]

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Truth In Human Experience #10: Distinguishing Between Experience And Thinking, Relating To Our Live’s Feedback Loop: Becoming Unconditionally Alive

When we experience ourselves experience ourselves experiencing ourselves, we are taking responsibility for ourselves right on the spot, at the exact moment in which we are actually experiencing ourselves experience ourselves—soon, taking responsibility for ourselves, for our lives translates not only during the time allotted for experiencing ourselves experiences ourselves as the only activity we […]

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Moving Through Waters

perfection has scribbled over the ribcage of this air-hole, needling a security for many conversations to cum, but before any of those onions or mushrooms can junk a closet full of spoon forks and knives, we need to wrestle down to the pinch of cayenne happening outside doorway lung capacity, it can be seen, we […]

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