Ordinary Tuesday Morning

At seven o’clock I brewed some coffee, waiting for it to finish, I stared at leftover pizza— I decided to eat straight from the box —like beautiful birds of old, or like the mouth of a miracle. It was now Tuesday. Standing in the kitchen, a lonely water drop rippled in the sink. The first […]

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Beauty Appears

No one knows beforehand what will about a new color of experience, yet beauty appears as radiance of an analysis as result of a thing emanating as occurrence in experience, contains the constituents of events and is the alteration of whatever else may have appeared in its location. The significance of a flashing icon moving […]

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The Middle

minutes pluck the cheerleader from these endorsed gravities, they are necessary and contain more earth than a single drop of GMO grain and that’s challenging to explain to a bloodline carrying pigeon cyst formational advertising campaigns post-civil war chaperones in their coffee, donkeys understand high-beams beside horses awaiting trot, such beautiful creatures a ceiling stands […]

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Beautfiul Dolphins

some mistakes cannot be erased from their undoing and remain in the faces of the stained they’ve hurt this we know and this must afford compassion from windows not far from the immediate incident report but from those directly affected shards of glass that leg-room lodge themselves into the thighs and eyes of dolphins

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