Ordinary Tuesday Morning

At seven o’clock I brewed some coffee, waiting for it to finish, I stared at leftover pizza— I decided to eat straight from the box —like beautiful birds of old, or like the mouth of a miracle. It was now Tuesday. Standing in the kitchen, a lonely water drop rippled in the sink. The first […]

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again nighttime wind enters and lays bare the natural state of listening to the evening and everything it potentially has in it lemurs with their umbrellas dance in and out of the words of the previous paragraph as a parade in the middle of a moment, but follows the traces of air from this exact […]

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Singularity Tone

it rained and the sun has cut through thank goodness, but it’s message is dead clear as dead as a door lock in a jail cell without any understanding from the public what death really is, or where heaven goes when leaving its idea or what is absent of all places and singular within degrees […]

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Indication Of An Absent Sidewalk

choice stands outside of time unrobbed by it waits for a movement towards direction if direction is the indication of the absent sidewalk heating with tension and droning with traffic aorta in a yawn then its obvious how to walk and enter without becoming stolen – it took along time not to become kidnapped to […]

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A Loan

it’s a Subaru, the car falling out of left nostril onto the pavement mucus running between incarcerated sentences the lack of guarantee: the no-frame that frames entirety, alone, housing unit on the back of a snail crawling along rocks, the spiders become friendly locals hear of a percent sign for their income- eyeball attending continental […]

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time searches the air for home unties the webs that hold it back it’s night again and I’m alone spider companions crawl they are friends of the mind that speak to trash time searches the air for home among dumpsters and stressed farm land stretched across a rash it’s night again and I’m alone with […]

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Spy Excuse

scattering power across a moment of serviceable agencies formulating in the register associate chair to fly auto-jolt locomotion downstairs stair through open window hawk in there shall we distribute gas silence applied to the variety of wires it takes to unplug the tongue of war tongue and wardrobe explore drones as they zone to no […]

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