in the foreground without fog by breather-box of small amputated maple trees resurrecting from mud skinned by avalanche sock-hop of multitude crayons and charcoal bonuses without rot—cooling fluid kicks in snarls to dance among ground-control and finger leaves without stress, O what absence of problems

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Mocking Bird

eye of center-piece without distance one falls inside it spills their memories to the sides— building tunnel walls by happenstance not so bad considering the walls are made of sound made by what happened to the person you are in the mirror of how a body contains all those hurricanes it isn’t necessarily you considering […]

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All Happens Once

or as I blink the world is a thing as it is found among pens and a scissors the briefest of a pause between air and what lungs do especially when not noticing the leaves in a simple wind heard of buffalo march across Yellow Stone, a replenishing act caused by scientists more-the-better and fertility […]

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Honey of the Shaman

drink or sink and slide along these ridges— mountain side humped camels of a smoking seam marginal— makeshift frequency rides rivers of canal and igloo responses, ponder lopsided varieties in a turquois fountain turquoise mountain everything builds to sea-saw marvelous ant-hills, the un stone-solid deer-head over a mantle piece headdress dancing around 50,000 fires of […]

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Dark light, as it dazzles providing all possibility, shade of a milk crate reminder, days built like this— in procession of a simple pulse, we turned the clocks back an hour now here nowhere among the multitude of sidewalk cracks entering, laying waste in the dark

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in Denver drinking black coffee at the end of job-limit the world contains more than what more can contain in a simple phrase of everything slammed into itself, the whatever this is that is now appearing window houses all reflection, non- distorted I am not fooling you, as blank staircases arise from non- eroded eyes […]

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