Of These Things

walked around the geese pond today with a smile of trees standing round my face the world clothes and nobody of the scene from the streets of yesterday for I have finally fled the scene I was applied to for 6 months quit the job now here in Denver until tomorrow at which point I […]

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Beast Arising

and the lens run stones up through rays of sound known rounds burn inward with the huff below no moisture of nature is worried crying mountain at what sap has chosen, birds at feast rust snow in, of a charge to darkness now, arise murmuring something lined with the sky one worm begins to chew […]

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Humans of the Bloom

kicking out storm-fed infestation finally arrive without air-clogged non-coat collecting agency with flies off to breeding wherever they go moon and sun show chest of drawers sticking from breast-pocket here you go direction on a map how to smile etcetera to apply time or the winds whatever blocking such possibility it’s okay parachutes belong in […]

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Family as Country as Un

here is the camera and what is pointed at is suddenly as an explosive yes recognizable place years go in blur a driving highway traffic anxiety the veins push grocery cart through medium of class-less judgments distinctions as difference of fence between bills you pay and neighbors pay as in capital of the top of […]

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Side of Slides

stabilizing after-breath from long year of work has provided shattered shapes a new form to have found body among shells of dead things dangling of heads around the neck of a garland of seagulls a necessary punctuation mark appears horizontal from this binocular you walk with footprints even by theoretical or scratched in the sketchy […]

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Proceed Accordingly

glistening table top turn key style variety echo chamber passport now clutching golf course focus with total appetite towards sharing briefcase manila folder filled with cow bones notice directive suits in chandelier chopped liver arrangement of airport custodian districts river bed their semicolons to toothless town in the distance a fog roll settles over mountain […]

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Each Other

attachment is poison of trash bins awaiting a knife harvest in necessary cut-out of all preoccupation with self-made-whatever the hell it is is hell in another form known silence of the body and all its motions a house of these types a city of countries on a single continent the dragon of breath and air […]

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all things are of the zero repair potentialities in a legitimate need to utilize a flush locomotive drizzle visit and pump-house replacement faucet, don’t you recall afternoon of winters with hallways of scissors as they slid in and out of what it was to oblige, those was’s were now are’s where those are’s are never […]

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Even If If Is

soon time to thank the thanks for the thank of a many many each and every every of what all of these arranged flowers broadcast loud wide mouth tulip extension wires cordless phone— the cell the cell of a creature in the veins holding breathing turning satellite retrieving data send and revise ancient boring texts […]

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the talking horizon jingles across the weight of possibility in triangular reflex depending on who hears this when and whenever is heard in the however it is perceived-room of whatever it is when to whom this may concern, finally the draft of air runs bridge between lumps the gulf of a many seasoned antlered pilgrimage […]

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