a mixture of context flutters across the zoom music formulates response allowing beauty’s touch— enter and scatter waste across streets to find birds pecking at their dentist gaining entrance in grocery store outside the apartment one lives in even if temporary the body as it is holds what it contains to breathe who it is […]

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Fluid Through Nouns

sift through memories what non-isolated non-identity has fluid through rooms of the bones of the inhabitant of the house of the air one finds oneself as in and if these things are hard to perch upon bird wing in metro-congruent recipe for doves then what score on what closet as focused hair style as the […]

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Of Now

star gazing through replication of space as each tapestry unfolds the bolts of the doors lose control and all becomes reality silence filtering vibrations to null allowing life to flow in a multitude of directions, skull-head, the mantle-piece of all possibility-window, the complete enclosure, enshrouded naked at computer type font proclaiming proclaiming proclaiming, neighbors silent […]

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vibration numbers of a series of exposure to elemental forces no one can explain however if allowed into experience—and the shock an exclamation encapsulation full of everything necessary for learning in an instant of time, now cuts a hole and delivers a book no one can read, and as the book is read, it’s information […]

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Information Provided

appearance arrives within this strata documented and easily grasped and as the slide along continues along the grip begins to fade what were those vegetables among the carrot patch floating in and out of turkey stuffing a formula with repose oceans of responses sudden floodgate open lips move as they motion shades of trees follow […]

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earth below descending into its fierce embrace and ashes on the relative normal side facing stars above wind arrives and blows dust to forces unseen, night inhales whatever was left of memory finally home

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headless space in endless burning eternity crystalized harmony information as knowledge’s epiphany catharsis of human psychology as it runs down the spine incarnates into the body complete integration on the spot reality in human form

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