Throughout Wheels’ Cart

dry as a racecar air-hole without breath
staring through eyes of a wonder—the heat always on
and the ear full of a deserted handshake
shriveling fig bar sand
car inside of a jar full of moth wing particle

let’s examine the glare

a little longer before details exploit the
shared angle of so many possibilities the
drift of wind in email

operates slow on grains of rice the corn of the
systematic dice thrown chances languages around a sandbox full
of mice made of cotton clothes pins and chocolate

watch from a balcony
who holds hands with numbers and equates talking with
chapters to stand in the shadow of these veins

it is known

and little controversy between
sharper spots exists a bit more fade and the grey
dissolves further dark triangles proceed with
less caution as sun-
ship of the eye is a friend for the walk

of a golden-garden now blooming in the feet of having a
banner trail wisp behind us the
victory had by arches of a luminous few who
echo throughout


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