all things are of the zero repair potentialities in a legitimate need to utilize a flush
locomotive drizzle visit and pump-house replacement faucet, don’t you

afternoon of winters with hallways of scissors as they slid in and out of
what it was to oblige, those
was’s were now are’s where those are’s are never was’s ever again for
the were has become were because of all these are’s and

that’s not disagreeable at all

considering pizza is on the counter for lunch and the hour
is made of a parachute I’ve been waiting to drink from this
hour for years and finally finding myself at a part in the year’s hair
carving free of sculptured confines to gain momentum between shafts
of light, pumpkin

trust me you’d do the same too if you were in such
arm pit porcelain proclamations slammed between orange periods of
chart-work—the glowworm in the after-breath-placenta-sac is undeniable, and
room as it appears
is more than what hair can do and it

must become as necessary in the recognition easel-box as anything else
as it is after all begins to birth after the fact is seen
and again finally arriving upon
recognition’s horizontal lodging
the season appears in oscillation of its designation with
recline or loss of pressure

knife across a desk of wooden
to initial place as driving
through a red light by accident,
gaps of a mountain peak-a-boo, baby
in the rhythm

another platoon and we rescue
the search engine before it becomes
a zoom button on the operating room criteria for screw-driving heirlooms into procedure, yes

we’ve successfully evacuated sardines
what’s next

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