the talking horizon jingles across the weight
of possibility in triangular reflex depending on who hears this when
whenever is heard in the however it is perceived-room of
whatever it is when to whom this may concern, finally


draft of air runs bridge between lumps
the gulf of a many seasoned antlered
pilgrimage hunts
the haunted remains of ram-horn
in district courts of a
plentitude the brain

working-room formulates treason beside a necklace of after-breath, not
to be dis
but to be
within realms of what sunshine feels like in the heart of a beating totem
animal of the aorta shafts which align to the power of a


someone inside knows
but isn’t
of in the
referable marks
of a
fellowship, who

without stones of a memory
built by houses
or castles
who walks in
meander of a brush-stroke
and storms ancient

clouds with dotted birth mark glow dotting beautifies of epiphany beacons shines car window with quick touch of eyelid batting out reasons without formulation of morphing thought into animal wing, bones of loose-knit dangle to breast sway with hooves for hands and feet

marching through passed thought
what the world brought him to provide others,
cutting through dimensions unseen by most and moist
in posture of bravery


a shape of air to walk onward to walk free of

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