Of Now

star gazing through replication of space
as each tapestry unfolds the bolts of the doors
lose control and all becomes reality silence filtering vibrations to null
allowing life to flow

in a multitude of directions, skull-head, the mantle-piece of all
possibility-window, the complete enclosure, enshrouded
naked at computer type font proclaiming proclaiming proclaiming, neighbors

silent sleep in discomfort of twisted words as they grow and build a cement
roof over the ceiling I dwell under, as guest
to your house the guest of honor to a birthday party, here are non-existent
balloons to ease the stress of the party attendee which deactivates muscle-reactive
aggression-faceless sensation of no one there but a brain injury and

lack of problem in this arena now at your house and typing typing with each
saliva gulp of puss and tomorrow the mountains the high Sangre de Cresto
where I belong and the world continues in geological time without electricity
nor running water

and beside a fire place a fire I made with wood in the furnace and listening to the language
of fire speak of ancient relative prophecies revealed as ancient forms of entertainment the story teller of ages passed as palm prints on the human who reads palms and alignment of stars to those who hear this and know what they know in relation to alignment spinal attunement family and the dissolve of useless social structures

which have strangled us from birth whose
father was unemotional non-communicative not present who
taught such silence to their kids if children could learn the code
perfectionism as in place of gaining attention from those who were suppose to love them
but didn’t

didn’t know how

the empty void of silence from the television as it replaced the meaning of having bones
and marrow as fluid never solid but perceived by grocery store repertoire as milk and stock
foods red meat and other cardiovascular inhibitors—who later had a stroke

and I won’t be there to provide you CPR
nor at the moment of intense trauma
which surrounds coming clouds of appearance horizon and the strife there as a mirror of what never was spoken of a closet full of broken bones and having yield to the complaints of ghost-mouths and their motions of obligation, rule books, and the likes of a refrigerator, played

by the meaning of a game no one knew anyway, and still
provided care whether anyone knew it or not, whether
anyone will ever know it or not, now

in Denver tomorrow the mountains, finally
to realize home in the heart where it never was born where it
will remain and

never die and touch the relativity of human heart and provide longevity to
live more and further and wider and deeper than ever imagined and to
breathe deep within and go there and never return then
to arrive with deeper lungs and slimmer body with less food and more patience and
discipline and endless blue blue blue sky

return with inside which
pounds hearts’ with its endless
non-shape as formulating words’

extension of warmth here internalized
fire pit of reality
lips touch another’s ear drum

running pit of those musical phrases until
exhaust with epiphanies the size of the sun, sun
becoming the size of the galaxy, the galaxy t
size of the

endless expanse as it continues its river dance throughout the unknown
of time and space as continuity of learning unfolding
throughout all of whatever it is to become anything at all, ancient
knowledge relative in human form, the immediacy

of cars outside of this Denver apartment and the yellow jar holding scissors and pens,
and the timer continuinglimitations of these ingredients found in a peppermint packet
of tea, which I sip now and feel warmth slide down my throat to belly which later provides gas to the intestine and

days of with shapes whatever these
pieces of memory flare
continue and the

world as whatever it is—
I wish you well my stranger true friend
people, who
cry at the sight of blue
butter fly wings in November
and Denver has high
child-slave sex traffic

and worse education in USA
as woman is nearly raped by opposing family of the man who she will marry
heater in the room talks of allowing warmth to enter

voices of people cared for are always at a finger
tip of a phone touch
as earned by
having been present and having
expressed love

again and again and again for

you who I do not know who I yearn to know so
even if you have appearance of same body as yesterday but are
only now discovering your body for first time as
extension of earth and whose
dreams of Spider Woman grow more and more clearer through
time and days are filled revealing of Earth prophecy through liver

we descend through Earth through
emptiness of Earth into burning warm-space joy to return now
in relative form and speak and talk and eat and shit and type type type

as part of this entire display of momentary lapse of an eye blink
granite as solid as stone is belief awaiting crumble beneath the eye lid of Now
and time of our breathing slides possibility into descending potentiality
each other talking knowing learning and becoming where

so much is so sad

where so much appears

unending sadness to so many

may you find heart beating within as that which never ends even after death now
here in this life to feel joy as the possibility as to what may root into your heart and be
known in this moment as rooted to the heart and to continue on your human journey

before you die may endless joy root into your heart
and may you shine for the benefit of all sentient beings

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