Mocking Bird

eye of center-piece without distance
one falls inside it
spills their memories to the sides—

building tunnel walls by happenstance
not so bad considering the walls are made of sound made by what happened
to the person you are in the mirror
of how a body contains
all those hurricanes it
isn’t necessarily you
considering the impersonal reality of a mirror
nice bathroom by the way

you should’ve seen my cleaning job
it was better than the best I had ever done and that was for starters
considering all the vomit we store in the lower intestine, but
didn’t mean

to freak you
out of the planet
you live on with the

section of an idea
splicing humanity
by the ribcage

causing controversial
just by stating what didn’t come out of a

book’s ejaculate as half
a thing called woman ascribed by the theology
which haunts this sentence newly

released from jail time of the 4th world’s end
closing book jacket in the not
yet—closer as we talk about embrace
towards what Ants know, but

hush—those stories are for winter and you’re 4 years old
and it’s time for a lullaby


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