Information Provided

arrives within this
documented and

easily grasped

and as the
slide along continues along the grip begins to fade

were those vegetables among the carrot patch
floating in and out of turkey stuffing
a formula with repose

oceans of responses sudden floodgate open
lips move as they motion shades of trees follow over
mouth oils and closes aligning sidewalks their significance

a complete arrangement of
a city in a landscape of breath,
the tongue

hollow beacon of light
slapping the sides of the roof and floor
vining sense of light where

sight in
a vat of the glow
a body contains
remained a vase

flowers protruding from it,
stem without petals
roses of their shades expose bones of the marrow
of those who
find their names of themselves appearing

from the tip

as an act of explosion cosmic radiation necessary evacuation for generating new
star systems
sudden slice of bread attaches its crust to the outer mantle
I know what I know and own it


clutching a sword to an unbroken trust of delineated appliances
what cones and rods suppose they see we don’t understand their speech
rides through caverns of the skull



in the depths in the back of a cave of paintings
an eagle a hawk an owl

dancing around infinite universal fires
with eyes of fires
within fires of their eyes

information into the information
of the birds

as they all become reflections of information
here provided

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