Family as Country as Un

here is the camera
and what is pointed at
is suddenly

as an explosive




go in blur
a driving highway traffic

the veins

grocery cart
through medium of class-less judgments

as difference of fence between
bills you pay and neighbors pay

as in

capital of the
top of the list wear
a ladder was taken
to murder the


would get in
junk of necessary mail
when trees
died so we may have coupons the

holding cell of history
or what never happened

or might
still depending on

lost among
the circus of
say whatever you want

and the mouth

having lost measure in the mirror of
distortion fog-gulping drenches of radio-play made by
big business conglomerates stuffing turkey in the ears
of too many tired working radioactivity of night-terror,
saliva-drool driving homeward to feed

pigeons salary,
collecting children,
burp and it’s a compliment
to the hardness of stone in a knee cap
or what
it takes to grip elbows—
pull them across a
grassy field with stars overhead,
everything made of cardboard to keep the


it’s not that it’s sad
it’s that
there’s a name attached to these mentions to keep a place
medium, warm, and syrup with—
of course everyone before us did this after the Civil War, O

even before that too, which is
okay considering there are more people across the world than in the country
who need to know the truth within a closet, here
are colors of a certainty, imagine

your homeland alive more than 500 years of breathing
what kinds of mimic would you provide
that were not comparison but a place we can
reside in understanding a doorframe, let’s

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