dreams of the monument formulating responses within procedure
prophecy regurgitation into bottle resold at discount price
dice roll chances on a single taste of asset purchased food—necessary

but now all gurgled in the hemisphere—as what choice does the
garden work in autumn, how’s that parachute over the balcony
setting into city-season again for eras yet to eject passengers, we

who are lungs
of the multitude who
and know

how to turn out the non-referable percentage to consciousness
have little calculator as government
funding doesn’t recognize without a production company, how
can these negative-beats, these absent trees take on the
mega-conglomerate environment of population and its proceedings to
judgment, mallet a broom-stick

these visits contain more flashes than may perception allow at an instant of
please take exposure
and lightly—the entire of what it takes upon continuation of a scroll
through all maps generated, there

is time to acquaint and yes!
who you are after such commingling takes place you
become different and more attuned to the attunement already

what you think is a picture of energy allowing another moment’s birth colored by what
you fed together these depictions provide a
new century, this time
void of consumption

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