Corner Dropping

it’s cold in here open window
not fooling or—
what’s the smell in the unseen

between us, the
dust collecting a rust stench
lends a milky fissure, or

I see you milk thistle later
in the day when
crates are stacked in car and cards are

stacked within relief and the whole
blow of wind
houses an entire forecast I now

but for some find
horrific those with their
home-owner and child-manuals, those
who have what structures had provided and aren’t thinking

of the pillars and their negative takes as of a picture, zero
frames around air are not not frames but of different order, with
another attitude

all are working on their altitude
at any given moment or


and just are maintaining, I expect
the garage door will
open anytime soon and he’ll drop
his belongings in the



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