There Goes The Spine

not the best eyeball on the procedure of what it is
these popping windows extoll
could echo from an eyelid bat a movie in flashes of these

so that the teller on the otherside of the locomotive industry
can gain access to his or
her own creation, eggs

of google interpose search engines for the dropper of a dapple of dabbing hotel-rooms—
sweeping clean their chagrins after a long night
of nothing special now that we are adults the funnies

are what they are
as in a convention is what a grocery store helps
instill in the daily chore, I swear

without vacations what would penguins do, would
they stand around and never move, how’s
the freeze box good-afternoon equation standing-around
with peg-legs or a
chocolate covered marshmallow, O

crux there goes the timer


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