cold in the chill sweeps body to the across section without try
and always then in the tether, as is law, which may not
bypass surgery of the necessary, if only
immortal than of course, it

does not work the work it does like that but what of
society, as if we know human rights by the stench of the human
birthing and without which as a lack of smell and isolated from houses, military
marches of the surround bricks, the complete border in the

subterranean silence follow watches the shadows of cave-painting, people-dream
an entirety of them
around or behind at making corners where it wasn’t perceived as such, a glint
of angle stardust quick stashed in the pull-through of

dazzled by webbed spider make across wall sudden cuts in and
glimpse made norms without warning, and
little consequence now you know the whole thing is a cracked egg already played into as
conspiracy capitalized upon watching merchandise in the flavor paranoia provides, the

sound of wind regardless late autumn safe


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