No More Explaining

front of facial depiction all
expectations suddenly clear, transparent
bang of metal in the iron of a quick activity

and this has happened to you too
in that we all must
end our pre

occupied tensions when least
expected doorways open groping
teeth as scissors upon skinning

nighttime off a blanket someone
had provided when youth was still
in star-loom, gown

with shrug now the office of such slurp
not in distance but in single sugar stirs of a
packet full of small mishaps, all

those lights speak even in their small
degrees of what might
register is always peripheral and doesn’t
enter these

categorical significances as outside of the criteria but
build to enough music and hunched out of a lute note motive, the
quick and distinct foil arise with shapes familiarity had
play danced with at time when these minutes until none had found their

never off a closet or particular the whole diamond thrown sky thing was an established
tone, pillar, soap
of the day and drying reasons were expelled, o
those were the glory hopper shaft mimic rinsing out a sparkler with each dial of a knob grows wicker

blasting at silence-pacing the motions were what remained into tape
recreation-order, something
we could always play back, and

having not forgotten by fingers’ malcontent sleep on the untwisted breath of part-of-simplicity, uncapping loose ends necessary, just as it was to replace knees, the sharpness
shall retrain the girth as knew frontiers bend into their new proceedings, one
walk of a long-length un-shadowed as a quick hip-lunge of a revolution beside doorframes, a hunched quick then possible it doesn’t matter—as a

circle with the decision for chair if room allows that connection but this time
it’s whatever may okay becomes when it’s whatever as it is for all things are and need no more explanation, a situation

of open air


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