moving away from this space, took a load
over today, over on Monday, then Wednesday
going to mountains to
mountain cabin in woods with animals trees and unseen

beings of the sky are being
of the
continual reality

zero doubt enters moving across landscape space
of the look without tone
region-age, moreover
Monday then with Wednesday
on mind going mine-shaft of mountain-eye, growing
there then zooming in on would as is

obvious will have to, animals trees unseen beings of the
sky in the
emotion unfolding over and under a
loop, the stitch of so many, many
lifetimes, pulse of galaxy, maybe same one shared throughout maybe

and tight stitch-reality continual, that they
discovered zero from counting what
exactly zero doubt in the amount was counted across
shapes lack of escape a continual land unexplained
space paces in and out of look without
room all tone reasons mound, or

flow knows grown ups’ Monday then
Wednesday as hump-day on the going graphite non-valve, the mid-sector

growing without owning, zone of a quick moon tint then
wooden out-posts motion obvious over animals
trees unseen beings yesterday disappearance sky emotion undoing
whatever was in the way, weight

as loose lips of so mantis a lantern
nighttime hush atlas seeking tables same same
raged throws out a maybe fabled to remain on top, a quick

drops hair as non-continual only in motion of discovered
zero, heroic
in precision


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