Everywhere Else Spin

geese outside the window
now take these positions and provide zero waste
disposal are the non-cloudy mixture of these tastes
as they slur in budding blossom bloom moving into twos then threes and fours the

numbs are cut as numbers are continuous non-cut unfolding in exfoliation-rooms of such and such a scent in the non-pardon arena of what-remains-non-lament for
nothing touches capsules surrounded by walls of interior echo what

society could never provide on its own only by happenstance
somehow magnify possible places people find their zone only
crevices of unidentified non-norm of the the appear ear holds loading
up in the walk of knowing the hear of what it is-was calling, without phone, tone
of the, how did it cut through noise-mess, it did and we

can walk in and sit inside it as the phone of the whole commercial keeps
what it is we never intended when swiping for orange juice then
as if or what
constitutes ah yes






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