visits with a harpoon-salad, stabs the eyes out of the fish-stick convict-enterprise for endorsing packages—I
received a belated happy birthday card in the mail today, yay

the world still turning and know
one knows for how long until poof
hurricane or Yellow Stone My Eyeballs, the
cough waiting in the back of the throat

excuses in a circumnavigating costume shop, GOP
debate in Boulder, what the heck,
economy here doing so great, another raise on taxes, well

thankgoodness I’m not a homeowner, all
bills a.d. paying as imposter of a real-one, said the
ventriloquist, upstairs

we hear him flush the toilet, her
cheeks flush everytime he says flush
is a blush of pale-pink in late October the

refrigerator contains tonights’ dinner


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