Halloween Rant :)

We will come to your door in costume, ring the doorbell, and speak a code in attempt to receive sweet-edibles.

Our parents do the best they can and love us dearly, however, most of the time they suffer from tremendous worry and terry which is stuffed away in a closet no one can look at, or attempt to talk about. Not because no one can, but because when we do, the rationalizations and the ways of dealing with such overwhelming emotions, only becomes another opportunity to logically reasonably argue them away. The closet grows thick with the ignored.

We are oriented towards a future. We will get an education, fall-in-love, get married, buy a house, have kids, raise those kids, watch our grandchildren attempt a similar reality, and die. We will do this in the spirit of desiring to have a family and achieve a stability in a successful career. Our lives will be a reflection of what it is to succeed.

Meanwhile, a world goes on, global-warming continues, ISIS intensifies, terror intensifies, disasters intensify, over-population intensifies, the grocery stores intensifies, debt intensifies…

We will come to your door in costume, ring the doorbell, and speak a code in attempt to receive sweet-edibles.

It’s something we do, it’s custom, it’s an annual capitalism fiasco. Billions of dollars go into the production of candy, costumes, and accessories. The economy booms off our little, suburban holiday.

The dead, what of them in this? Where are they in this? This being different than the Day of the Dead, which occurs in a different culture, a foreign culture, something different than this wondrous evening of collecting tasty-edibles.

The dead, what of them in this? But a spectacle, a fetish, a simulation for the possibility of actually interacting with the dead, or a closer-to-the-bone-simulation of what it might-be to pay homage to them.

Whatever, it’s all for fun, it’s a way to have family-bonding; not a big deal–and plus, we get to dress up and have fun! Community! There is community around all of it, and it’s fun and it’s wondrous and the rest of the integrity of whatever this holiday points to simply has fallen away to the irrelevant.

From Pagan roots? From the Celts? A time of passing into a new year? A time of crossing through the veils? A time to learn and grow and make-room for experience and what may need to be told in order to gain information on how to evolve and remain connected? – hmmmm maybe, or maybe it’s what it was.

In any case, without the presence of the dead, in our day-to-day lives – there simply is an absence. Where is all of this: birth, education, marry, have kids, die – going? Where is it all going if without the context of the dead – how can we know how to live if we don’t have the dead to relate to on a day-to-day basis? What is the context for being alive? What is the dream of this reality and the heights of achievement without the connection to the impermanence of our lives, of knowing the lives of others who have passed as part of a contributing factor towards making decisions about how to live life?

We are nowhere without homage to the dead. The dead in the reality of our soon-to-be life-ends and of the dead of others who have already moved beyond.

How can we dance? Play? Learn? Grow? How can become educated? How can we live without a daily acknowledgement to the reality of death and to the presence of its absolute promise?

Well, the simulation of reality we live in, the grocery store, the suburban neighborhood, the education system – is an expression of the absence of connecting to the dead as a ground for living, and therefor, we live nowhere without anyone knowing it and without anyone acknowledging it.

We are the stuffed ignorance in the closet.

We are living the result of un-experienced fears, worries, and terrors. We are the result of living out of the caged-hearts surrounding the possibility of experiencing the fears, worries, and terrors, which never birth into experience out of a need to continue a sense of status-quo in our psyches, homes, social-norms.

We are what doesn’t fit, which the world has, by happenstance, shunned away. We are the secret of the world, which continues to grow, and grow, and grow; the one consumer reality will never reveal, the one political realisms as productions of corporate activity will never expose; the one’s our families have learned to fit – so that maintaining a possibility of success can become a possibility for a distant grandchild – a large-blindness – a fundamental blindness, causing others to lose blindness in the direction as the direction falls asleep and forgets why it was even born. All of this creating a reality with its own expectations and demands.

The dead are those who have lost connection to life, to those who have passed beyond, to the worlds which commingle with our own, immediate one. Most of the population are dead, and the dead on the other-side are in turmoil because the living-dead do not make connection with the dead – nor listen to what the dead have to teach us about the impermanence of our lives and the importance of expressing true vitality.

True vitality is never separate from the awareness of the dead.

By having dreams which are never connected to understanding the dead and the impermanence for being alive, what reality are we perpetuating, what world are we even talking about?

Jobs? Food on the table? The future of the children?

What world is this without daily connection to the dead?

How can we truly live?

How can we truly love?

Without connection to what has come to pass and the reality of our own ending.

Don’t worry, the stuff in the forbidden closet is intensifying, the lies are intensifying, the secret – the large secret of status-quo and class is intensifying – and one day not long from now – like a fat pimple – it will explode.

Either, you are trick-or-treating with us – or you’re handing out candy – which will it be?


2 thoughts on “Halloween Rant :)

  1. Wow! Intense, insanely REAL and hugely important, Orpheus! How right you are! But as I sit here pondering your final question, I find I cannot answer it, for my answer would be neither; I’m too busy cleaning out my closet to play such games. And should I choose to “celebrate” this holiday, you would find me in a back room, or by a fire pit, speaking with and honoring the dead… But that is my way… 🙂

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